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How to Detox Your Body If You Consumed Too Much Salt

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Most people think that consuming too much salt is only bad for the figure because it can cause bloating. Unfortunately, there are much bigger and more significant problems that excessive intake of salt can bring. It’s for this reason why detoxifying your body after enjoying salty treats is a good idea.

Read on if you are the type of person who cannot say no to salty foods. Below you will come across some very simple tips on how to flush excess salt out of your body. After checking out this article, share it so that your family members and friends may know, too, how they can rid their bodies of salt after consuming lots of it.

High blood pressure is one of the most popular unfavorable effects of having excess salt in the diet since fluid is retained, causing the volume of the blood to considerably increase. But did you know that the consumption of more salt than the body needs can also cause a bunch of other health issues?

Did you know that too much salt can damage your kidneys? Did you know that excessive salt intake can increase your risk of osteoporosis? Did you know that a diet high in salt is linked to stomach cancer development? And did you know that high blood pressure caused by too much salt may cause heart disease, heart attack and stroke?

Indeed, there are a lot of problems that can strike if your diet consists of foods that are high in salt. The moment that you realized that you just flushed tons of salt into your system, it’s a good idea to undergo a quick detox. Some of the steps that you may do to remove excess salt in the body are:

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Drink Plenty of Water

Although it may sound counterintuitive because you are already bloated, consuming more water actually helps flush out salt as well as fluids retained by your body. Actually, doctors say that the more you try to avoid water when you’re bloated, the more you will retain excess fluid. So don’t forget to drink up!

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium, and this mineral is capable of neutralizing excess salt in the body. Other than that, potassium also helps counter high blood pressure due to excessive salt consumption. It works very well as it encourages the blood vessels to dilate or widen.

Avoid Foods Rich in Salt

Certainly, one of the smartest steps that you may take if you want to detox after consuming too much salt is steer clear of anything that has lots of salt in it. Make sure that you carefully read food labels because salt tends to lurk where you least expect it, like in processed meat, canned veggies and soups, salad dressing and sports drinks.

Stay Physically Active

Did you know that you can effectively remove excess salt in your system simply by being physically active? According to doctors, this encourages the skin and kidneys to get rid of those unwanted amounts of salt. Exercising on a regular basis is also a great idea as it can get your circulatory system back to an excellent shape.


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