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Remove Blackheads with DIY Face Masks

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Seeing dark spots peppering your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks can be frustrating especially when they are accompanied by large pores that are quite visible to others. Blackheads occur when the dirt, sweat, and oil that clog the pores are exposed to air. The oxygenation that occurs can make the pores appear darker hence blackheads. You might want to get rid of them by getting a facial but this cannot be sustained for a long time as it may be expensive. With that being said, there are steps that you can take to remove blackheads and that is by making face masks on your own. Here are a few suggestions that you can try when it comes to making your blackheads disappear.

Honey and milk mask

If you have dry skin, creating a honey and milk mask will be good for you. For this recipe you will need a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of milk, and cotton buds. You will need to heat up the ingredients a little before mixing them together. Once it has cooled a bit, apply the solution on your face with the cotton bud helping to spread it evenly on your face. Pay attention to areas where blackheads often appear. Leave it on for about 20 to 25 minutes. Peel the mask off gently so that all blackheads will be removed too.

Activated charcoal peel off mask

Another ingredient that has been found to be quite effective in removing blackheads is activated charcoal. This is perfectly suitable for those who have oily skin that have blackheads too. The combination of apple cider vinegar and natural clay can actually remedy the oiliness of your skin while relieving you from the blackheads. For this recipe, you will need a teaspoon each of unflavored gelatin and activated charcoal, and a tablespoon of distilled water. Prepare a double boiler over low heat then add the activated charcoal as well as unflavored gelatin. Add the water next then blend. Use a wooden spatula to blend the ingredients then set aside until it is warm. Now apply the mixture on your face especially on areas that have blackheads. Leave it on until it has dried then peel gently.

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Baby skin sugar scrub

If you have blackheads on your face, then you need to know that scrubbing can make them disappear. Scrubbing your skin can actually help rejuvenate your skin while getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities. For this recipe, you will need 2 tablespoons of white or brown sugar and ¾ teaspoon of baby lotion. First, you need to grind the sugar first until it becomes powder. Add the powdered sugar on the baby lotion gradually until a paste has been formed. Now massage this paste using circular motion until the paste has been absorbed properly. Wash your face afterwards with cool water.

Egg white peel off mask

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways for you to remove the blackheads on your face using paper towel and egg whites. You will need to separate the egg white from the yolk first then use a brush to apply a thin layer of it on your skin. Now place a strip of paper towel on the area where egg white is applied then press gently. Now apply another layer of egg white then add paper towel. Let it dry then peel gently. You will see most of your blackheads coming off too. 

Removing blackheads is possible with the help of a few ingredients. If you don’t have the money to go and get a facial, a few ingredients will suffice.

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