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Toxic Ingredients in Makeup That You Should Know About

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You’ve probably decided that it is high time to shape up your diet by getting rid of processed foods and sweets. You’ve most likely skipped using harsh chemicals in cleaning your home and garden. This is quite a huge step to take and one that will yield you some impressive results in terms of your overall health. But before you settle down and give yourself a pat on the back, there is one area in your life that you still need to tackle which is your makeup.

It is likely that you come across makeup products that are made from natural ingredients but decided to avoid them since you are comfortable with your current choice and they do work in emphasizing your best assets. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t really require cosmetic companies to do safety assessments hence there are traces of chemicals still present in your beauty products. If you really want to go all out healthy and natural, you need to check the labels to see whether these toxic ingredients are present and avoid them at all cost.


Lead is a dangerous chemical that has already been banned in many products. But it seems that it is still being used in many makeups like lipsticks, foundation, and even whitening toothpastes. The use of products containing lead can lead to infertility, delays in puberty, and even miscarriage.


Methyl, butyl, ethyl, and propyl parabens are often used as preservatives to keep microbial growth from forming on makeup products and even assist in extending their shelf life. However, it can trigger skin rashes as well as various allergic reactions. There are preliminary studies that found parabens in breast cancer tumors.

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Peg compounds

Polyethylene glycols or PEGs, are compounds that are petroleum-based used to soften, thicken, and gelatinize makeup products which is why they are common used in many cream-based products. The problem with PEGs is that they contain human carcinogen which can be dangerous to the nervous system as well as human development.

Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth Sulfate

This ingredient is a cheap one and can be harsh on the skin but is commonly found in many shampoos because it can cleanse the hair and scalp and cause foam to appear. However, this can lead to dry scalp, eye irritation, skin rashes, and other allergic reactions when used regularly.

Carbon black

Carbon black is common in eyeliners and is often linked to cancer as well as toxicity in organs. Other names that it goes with are pigment black 6, froflow, arovel, channel black, and black pearls. When you see these names in your eyeliners, skip them completely.

Propylene glycol

Normally this is a type of vegetable glycerin that is combined with grain alcohol but it is often made from synthetic chemicals. Constant use of products that contain this ingredient can trigger eczema and hives even.


Another ingredient that you need to stay away from, octinoxate is commonly found in most foundations. The problem with this unstable chemical is that it can cause thyroid disorders and even disruption in the endocrine system.

Synthetic colors

Synthetic colors often appear as D&C or FD&C and then followed by a number which can actually make your makeup look pretty. Unfortunately, that is the only thing that these colors are good at since they are considered as carcinogenic.



Phthatates are basically group of chemicals that can actually cause your endocrine system to be disrupted. This disruption can lead to reproductive, developmental, and even neurological damage in the more severe cases.

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