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What a Glass of Carrot Juice Can Do For Your Body

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It’s a common misconception that eating plant-based food is equivalent to living on rabbit or goat food. However, misconceptions aside, we are here to let you know more about the benefits of carrot juice. Yes, it contains nutrients that are beneficial to your body. Still not convinced? Okay, keep reading. We are pretty positive that you’llbe hoarding bagsof carrot juice once you find out about the nutritional benefits of Bugs Bunny’s favorite food.

So what’s up, doc?

More than being beautiful, sweet, and well…orange, carrots are actually healthy and healing.

Put the carrots in the juicer, wait for the juice to come out, drink, and receive all of its nutrients in an instant.


Healthy Digestion

People normally think that good digestion is equivalent to having a regular bowel movement, no gas, and no abdominal bloating, but there is more to healthy digestion that just that. Healthy digestion is important because it helps the body absorb food nutrients properly. When you drink a glass of carrot juice, your body stimulates the secretion of digestive juices allowing it to benefit from all of the micro and macro nutrients that you consume. While feeding the good bacteria, the carrot’s fiber content monitors the bad bacteria in your body by keeping it in check and in balance (probiotics can also help improve digestion, check out Biotic Balance Probiotic at our new store!).

Improved Eyesight

Growing up as a kid, you must have heard this countless times: carrots will improve your eyesight. You’ve heard that phrase one too many, at some point you already attempted create an entire song from it, mix, turn it into a party song and dance to it. It’s on loop and you hear it the moment you say no to carrots.

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But we have to say it again one more time: carrots will improve your eyesight. It’s true! Carrots contain lutein and beta-carotene which help maintain the healthy condition of your retina. It is very important to keep your eyes healthy especially in today’s world of modern technology where almost everyone’s eyes are glued to all types of screens – smart phones, laptops, computers, tablets, TVs, movie screens, video games,etc.– and worse,under artificial lights indoors! Do your eyes a favor and drink carrot juice. Your eyes will be eternally grateful.

Regulates Blood Sugar

If you’re afraid that the sweetness of carrot juice will trigger spikes in your blood sugar, don’t be,Carrot juice is loaded with carotenoids. These are plant-based pigments full of antioxidant properties that can actually help lower your blood sugar and keep it at normal levels- where it should be.

Healthy Skin

Vitamin A acts as your skin’s armor –it protects damaged skin cells while keeping your skin hydrated. Carrot juice is a powerful source of this vitamin, and is also very effective in treating psoriasis and other skin conditions. Adios fine lines and wrinkles! Say hello to beautiful, young-looking skin!

That Healthy Glow

We spend hours slathering creams on our body to make our skin glow. Well, good news: all you need is carrot juice! It cleans your liver and detoxifies your body which helps make your skin look bright, clear, and glowing. It can also give you that suntanned look even if it’s winter because it can give your complexion a slight orange hue.And since I know what you’re about to ask, the answer is no, you will not turn orange like Garfield.

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Cancer Prevention

The carrot juice has carotenoids that are packed with antioxidant properties that can help the cancer cells in your body. The carotenoids are effective in fighting against cancer of the colon, bladder, cervix, and larynx. A powerful alternative treatment for cancer known as the Gerson Therapy, use plenty of carrot juice as part of their protocol.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Carrot juice is a good source for potassium, which is known for effectively lowering your bad cholesterol. The healthy fiber found in carrot juice can also do wonders for your cardiovascular system.

At this point you’re probably convinced that carrot juice is worth trying. We’ve included some recipes that you can use to prepare this healthy and tasty drink:

Steps on How to Make Carrot Juice:

Grab some carrots, peel them, and juice them. Done! It’s that easy.It’s a very simple process and it does not need rocket science to prepare one glass. Three to five carrots should be enough for one serving and once you get the juice, drink slowly. The taste can be pretty boring at some point, so feel free to mix it with other juices like:

Carrot-Apple Juice


  • 1 apple of your choice
  • 2 – 3 peeled carrots
  • 1 inch ginger (optional)

Instructions: It’s a simple process. All you have to do is put all of the ingredients in the juicer. When it’s done, drink and enjoy!

Green Carrot Juice


  • 3 – 4 peeled carrots
  • ½ cucumber
  • ½ apple of your choice (but for this recipe, non-sweet apples are the best)
  • 2 stalks of dinosaur kale (you can use other kales if this is not available)
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 1 peeled lemon
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Just like the Carrot-Apple Juice, the process is very simple: put all of the ingredients in the juicer. Drink slowly and enjoy!

We highly recommend that you buy organic carrots because these are free from chemicals that can only harm your body. Remember to always wash and peel the carrots before putting them in the juicer.

How Much Glasses of Carrot Juice Should You Drinking a Day?

There is no suggested minimum or maximum amount. That said, it is not recommended that you chug carrot juice all day long –take note that it is still important that you eat a well-balanced, whole food diet. For the Harvard School of Public Health, 4 oz of carrot juice a day should be enough. You can already benefit from one glass of carrot juice every day but since it’s filled with nutrients that are beneficial to your body, you get to drink more than one. Those who are on the Gerson Protocol or other special diets drink more than that amount.

Do I Still Have to Juice Vegetables?

Definitely! It can easily be absorbed by the body if it’s in liquid form!

Just because you’re drinking carrot juice doesn’t mean you can forget about your greens.

Just like carrot juice, you also need green juices, smoothies, salads and sauteed leafy greens in your life. Preparing these juices can be a bit time consuming so you might want to consider Organifi Green Juice Powder–it has an awesome taste,it’s very easy to make, and it’s full of nutrients. Visit our store to know more! What is your favorite carrot recipe?

Write them in the comments below!

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