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20 Foods to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy Diet

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Are you having a hard time eating foods because you’re pregnant? It’s really difficult to choose the right pregnancy diet because you’re also fighting nausea, fatigue and a list of foods to avoid. The best thing you can do is to just do your best to choose the foods that are important for the baby’s development. Scroll down below to find the perfect food to add to your pregnancy diet.

  1. Green leafy vegetables
  2. Spinach
  3. Broccoli
  4. Sweet potatoes
  5. Lentils
  6. Avocado
  7. Bananas
  8. Oranges
  9. Mangoes
  10. Red peppers
  11. Tofu
  12. Fortified orange juice
  13. Wild caught salmon
  14. Fortified eggs
  15. Walnuts
  16. Nuts
  17. Oatmeal
  18. Nut butters
  19. Dried fruit (sulfate-free)
  20. Edamame

Don’t fret if some of these foods make you want to vomit. But choose instead to add as many of these as possible to add to your diet.

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