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Shopping Guide for Women when Buying Bras

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Understanding how to measure bra size properly should be at the top of women’s priority lists. The world is currently filled with a good majority of women walking around with bras that do not fit them well. It is an anomaly that a great majority of women would rather experience discomfort and other problems of having the wrong bra size instead of just learning how to measure bra size correctly.

Sadly, wearing the wrong bra size has become somewhat of a norm in today’s global world. Because of other things going on in women’s lives, it is understandable that they would think of bra size problems as petty however the real truth is that wearing the correct bra size is more than just a mild discomfort issue. At its core, it is important for ladies to wear the correct bra size because it establishes better posture and overall physical health. Studies have proven this and it is a widely accepted fact now.

Here, we will be answering the query of how to measure bra size. It is not hard at all and once a woman gets familiar with it, it will stick in their memory fairly easily. First off though, it is important to note that women should not get the measurement during a menstruation as the water retention as well as bloating contributes to inaccuracies. Also, it is highly advised to be wearing a bra when the measuring is taking place as this is known to assist with accuracy.

First Step

The first step to knowing how to measure bra size is acquiring and using a tape measure that is highly flexible and comfortable on contact with flesh. Wrap the tape measure around the torso area right under the breasts while having the tape measure parallel to the floor. It is then best to exhale and look at the measurement noting that all measurement fractions should always be rounded up to the next highest number. Care should be taken in breathing so that the most natural measurement is attained. It is known to be best to do this when relaxed and not tired, anxious or sick.

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Second Step

The next step for measuring bra size is to use the tape to measure the point of the breasts that extend out the most. These may or may not be over the nipples so when should really check properly what points are supposed to be used. Shoulders should be placed back with the stomach pulled in. The body must be at its straightest possible and foot should be firmly planted on the ground. Again, any fractions should be rounded up. Note: It is advisable to do and redo these steps two to three times to double check accuracy as well as consistency.

Third Step

The measurement from the first step must now be subtracted from the measurement from the second step. The result of this subtraction is to be used for getting the cup size correct. Basically, every difference in inch between the two corresponds to one cup size difference. Women should then check which one matches them.

Note: The current cup sizes being used are: AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F

Fourth Step

The bra size would then be the fusion of the measurement from the first step as well as the third step’s cup size measuring. For example, should the measurement from the first step be 33 and the third step yielded cup size D, the accurate bra size would then be 33D. It is as simple as that and that is why once it is learned, it would be very difficult to unlearn or forget it.

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In Closing

It is of high importance to note that different bra brands would still have different fits. They do have differences and so it would be wise to understand which brands would be best for each individual woman. So, in four easy steps, any woman can measure for their bra size and avoid the unseen problems that having the wrong size causes. It would be great if the number of women who measure for their bra sizes increases exponentially.

I truly hope that this article is able to assist women who have always wanted to know how to measure bra size and should serve to lead women into wanting to gain this knowledge. Understanding hot to measure bra size properly should become widespread as it is an important yet still underrated tool in keeping healthy.

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