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Bad Food Items for the Kidneys

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Seafoods, teas, salts and more food. These are all bad for people with kidney stones.

A huge number of people have afflicted by kidney stones. They however, have no idea that they have kidney stones at the beginning. They only notice it when the stones become larger and it becomes harder for the stones to go through the ureter. This is when having kidney stones becomes a pain, literally. Don’t add to the intensity of what you’re feeling. Stay away from these kinds of food and keep your kidney condition at bay.


Some nutritionists believe that spinach has oxalate. Oxalate creates calcium crystals (which are also stones) as urine is being stored in the kidneys. Eating spinach if you already have kidney stones makes matters worse. This means that those with this condition should limit their spinach intake. Two meals at most in a week should do.


This fruit has a lot of oxalate as well. A lot of dishes in the menu of Indian restaurants have this. It is impossible however to take this out of your diet entirely since it gives good flavor and a large amount of nutrients to your meals. But fear not, removing the seeds from a tomato can take away ng harmful oxalates. Do this when prepping your next meal.


Having kidney stones and loving chocolates is a very very bad combination. Why is it a bad combination? One word – oxalates. Eat chocolates only once a week. That is the recommendation. Or you could try replacing it with other sweet food if you need some sugar.

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Most kinds of teas have a lot of health benefits. You can read up on the advantages they offer and it would take you an entire afternoon. But they’re not recommended for people with – you guessed it – kidney stones. Drinking tea can increase the size of these stones. This can lead to numerous health complications.


Those with kidney stones really need to limit the amount of seafood they consume. They also need to avoid meats and other food high in protein because of what we call purine. The more purine in the body, the higher the amount of uric acid. This can also lead to the dreaded stones.

Salty food

Salty food is already unhealthy in itself because of sodium. More so for people with kidney stones. Sodium can cause calcium production to spike. More calcium can stick to oxalates which can in turn become kidney stones.

There are more kinds of food that people with kidney stones should stay away from. Guava, peanut, seed, grain, legume, beet, and sweet potato all have a lot of oxalates. Consume these in moderation. Or replace them with food that can give more benefits than problems to your health. Lemon juices, water, juice from coconuts, and food with calcium can help keep you safe.

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