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Know Why You Need to Shave Less Often

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There is a lot of steps we need to do for our whole body beauty routine. We have cleansed our face daily, moisturize every four hours, exfoliate the skin weekly, do hair care treatments twice a month and so on. One thing we want to cut down on doing is shaving.

Shaving is time consuming and can make you prone to
injuries. So, what can you do to reduce your shaving time? Obviously, we can’t prevent hair from growing unless you perform hair follicle treatments to stop hair growth. Though, there are ways to help delay the hair growth and make the process of shaving a lot easier. Below are some tips to help you shave less often.

– Exfoliate regularly! One of the common causes of excessive shaving is an uneven cut. You’ll notice that just after a week some of your hair is already starting to grow and some aren’t?
Well, this is mostly due to uneven shaving. This usually occurs when dead skin cells cover up part of the hair shaft that is supposed to be shaved. Causing some hair to be shaved closer to the pore while others have some hair left over. You can prevent this and get a closer shave by exfoliating a day before you plan to shave. Try to exfoliate weekly, this can help expose any of the small hairs that you’ve possibly missed and be able to shave it the next time. This will also help make the hair grow completely out of the follicle over time. Giving you that silky smooth legs for a longer period.

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– So, are you more of against the grain or towards the hair growth kind of person? Well, it seems like the best way to shave is going against the grain. This will help give you a closer shave and help save you time by not shaving the same spot twice. This can also limit skin irritation or shaving rash. Remember, when it comes to shaving, go against the grain and when applying wax go towards the hair growth and strip going against the grain.

– Want a cheap alternative to shaving creams? Conditioners are one of the best products to use for shaving. Applying conditioner a few minutes before shaving can help soften the skin and make the hair a bit more exposed for a closer shave. Using conditioner can also help remove dead skin cells. You can purchase a cheaper brand of conditioner that you can specifically use for shaving to save a few bucks!

– The right razor! One of the most important parts of your shaving is using the right razor. Look for a razor that is right for you. Our advice is to look into men’s razor. Their products are created for a deeper shave than the women’s razor. It’s also a good way to invest in some high quality brand razor. This can be a little bit pricey, but it’s well worth the money. This product usually lasts a lot longer than regular razors.

– Make sure that your razor is sharp. Razors that are dull can cause an uneven shave or worse an injury. The sharper the blade the better and deeper the shave will be. An important part to do before shaving is to try how sharp your razor is. Try to shave one of your hair strand. If you find it too hard to shave, replace it with a new one. Another important thing you need to do is to disinfect your razor. Left over hair, dirt or product in your razor can affect your shave. You can use a disinfectant to cleanse the blades and a brush to remove excess particles.

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– Go old school, using a mixture of turmeric and besan on your facial hair can help reduce your hair growth. Doing this a day before and after shaving can help reduce hair growth.

– Soy based products. Using products that contain soy can help reduce hair growth. Studies have shown that using soy on the hair can reduce hair growth and reducing the hair’s diameter. Making soy based products best when it comes to shaving less often.

Hair growth is fascinating and unpredictable. There are certain patches on our body that completely doesn’t grow hair at all due to internal or external factors. There are a lot of things that can affect hair growth and following these tips can help lessen your shaving routine. Though, it is said if you really
want hair to grow a lot slower; opt for waxing or plucking

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