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Circadian Rhythm: There is a Right Time for Everything

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Our body follows a certain rhythm. We seldom notice it because our lives are so fast-paced, but inside our bodies, rhythms and routines are followed. Our brain, also known as the master clock, is in charge of our body’ s 24 hour sleep/wake cycle. This cycle is more commonly known as the ‘ circadian rhythm’ . Scientists have recently discovered that every single organ in our system follows its own internal clock. A circadian scientist named Fred Turek even said that “there are clocks in all the cells of your body”.

Those who pay close attention notice that our body follows a natural cycle throughout the day.Some parts of the day we feel hungrier than usual, and some parts of the day we feel less energetic, and so on. Self-awareness can help you maximize your body’ s natural circadian rhythms and in the process, make it work to your advantage.

A lot of people are unaware of the natural flow of things inside their body. They choose the lifestyle they want, build their lives and adjust their schedules based on that lifestyle.

The fact of the matteris that our body has its own schedule and paying close attention to that schedule and how things work inside our bodies can be advantageous. Understanding our body’ s routines can help is adjust accordingly and live a life that helps us have energy, motivation, good sleeping habits, and good health overall. Maybe the key is to go with our body’ s flow and to not counter the rhythm.

Ayurvedic Medicine tells us that our bodies go through three cycles every 24hours. 4 AM-12PM is called “Elimination”, 12PM– 8 PM is called “Appropriation”, and 8 PM– 4 AM is called “Assimilation”. We listed more information about each cycle below:

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Elimination Cycle –The Elimination cycle starts at four o’ clock in the morning and ends at twelve noon. During this cycle, our bodies are concentrating on cleansing and removing toxins. This is the best time to eat foods that are easy to digest such as raw produce, green juice, smoothies, salads, etc.

Appropriation Cycle– The Appropriation cycle starts at twelve noon and ends at eight o’ clock in the evening. This is the time that our system is most awake and active. During this time, our bodies are focused on digestion and metabolism. Itis important to eat only when you feel hungry. Do not force yourself to eat during “appropriate”meal times.

Assimilation Cycle – The Assimilation cycle starts at eight o’ clock in the evening and ends at four o’ clock in the morning. Our bodies are in a relaxed state during this cycle and are focused on the absorption of nutrients and the revitalization of our cells and organs. This is the best time to rebuild, renew, and heal. It is highly recommended that you eat your dinner before the start of this cycle.

Your body focuses on different systems and organs every two hours. Let’s break it down further:

Lungs–Between 3 AM to 5 AM At this point, you should be in the final stages of your sleep cycle. It is important to breathe deeply to bring more oxygen into your lungs, blood and nervous system.

Large Intestine– Between 5 AM to 7 AM This is the prime time of your body’ s elimination cycle and during this time, your large intestine is busy preparing the toxins that should be flushed out of your system. This is why you goto the bathroom to eliminate toxins shortly after you wake up in the morning.

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Stomach- Between 7 AM to 9 AM While you were sleeping, your body also went through a long fasting period. During this time, your body is ready for nourishment. Exercise, physical activity, or any type of movement is highly recommended during this stage.

Pancreas and Spleen – Between 9 AM to 11AM These two organs come after the stomach in the digestive system. These organs are crucial in helping your body metabolize food properly so it can be converted to energy that your cells can use throughout the day.

Heart and Circulatory System – Between 11AM to 1 PM The food you ate during breakfast, whatever it was, has now made its way to your blood stream and is now travelling to the different systems and cells in your body. People usually seek refreshment such as green juice or tea during this stage because there seems to be a lull in energy.

Small Intestine and Digestion- Between 1 PM to 3 PM This is the perfect time to eat lunch. Other people, however, prefer to meditate or take a nap during this time to let the body take a break, rest, and rejuvenate.

Bladder- Between 3 PM to 5 PM It is time to release metabolic waste since the system has been running from the moment you woke up. Drink plenty of water and make sure that your body is hydrated.

Lymphatic System – Between 5 PM to 7 PM The kidneys are now busy doing their work as they remove waste from the body.Physical activities are also ideal during this stage. Some people like to go out for a walk, hit the gym, stretch, play flag football,etc. Only a small nutritious dinner will be needed at this point, provided that you ate well throughout the day.

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Pericardium- Between 7 PM to 9 PM Your blood pressure is at its highest during this stage. This is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and process all of the events that happened during the day.Some people however, find their libido at its highest during this time.

Endocrine System – Between 9 PM to 11 PM Your body is now trying to balance and replace the nutrients and enzymes that it spent during the day.Itis highly recommended that you sleep during this time.


There is truth to the belief that our bodies have a connection with the cycles of the earth and the universe. By paying more attention to how our body functions and by respecting its timetable, we allow ourselves to be more connected and in sync with everything around us. We begin to live and enjoy life in a way that harmonizes with our nature.

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