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Tips on How to Have the Healthiest Hair

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We often go crazy about our hair which is not surprising given that our mane can add to our overall look. Who doesn’t want to a have full hair on our head that is thick and healthy? Unfortunately, when it comes to hair care, most of us think that using hair products will be enough but if you look closely at how you maintain your hair, you’ve probably made a lot of mistakes in the process. Well, having healthy hair isn’t really that hard to achieve. As a matter of fact, these tips can help you achieve it.

Be careful with your wet hair

Our hair is often prone to breakage when it is wet which is why you need to be gentle with it. When you wash your hair with shampoo, don’t be too rough with the lather. The harder you scrub, the more damage you are putting on your hair strands which can lead to hair fall, frizz, and split ends. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid brushing your hair as soon as you step outside the shower. If you want to be able to comb your hair after, cover it with a shower cap.

Detangle first before you shower

Since your hair is prone to breakage when it is wet,  you will need to detangle first before you hit the showers. Brushing your hair first before you wet it can reduce the damage to your hair strands.

Lessen the heat

If you want to have healthy hair, be gentle with it. There is nothing wrong with using heating tools to style your hair but make sure that you apply a heat protecting serum on your hair before using them. This will help reduce the damage to your hair. Also, don’t fry your hair when your hair is still wet as this can make the damage worse. Instead of styling your hair with heating tools every day, reduce it to once or twice a week.

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Use deep conditioning masks

Masks are actually good for your skin but did you know that you can also use masks on your hair? There are hair masks that you can actually do to bring back the natural moisture to your hair and scalp which you can use when you are in the shower. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. These hair masks need to be applied only once a week. You’ll see a huge improvement to your hair’s condition afterwards.

Don’t use a lot of products

If you want to preserve your healthy hair, you need to learn not to use too much hair products. Yes, you need to use shampoos, conditioners, and even serums but other hair products such as bottled hair products must be avoided unless they are made from natural ingredients. Too much chemicals can weigh your hair down.

Condition your hair

It is important that you condition your hair whenever you shampoo your hair. This doesn’t matter what type of hair that you have. You might skip this step in your hair care routine but don’t. It is important that you find the right type of conditioner to use so that it won’t weigh your hair down too much. 

These tips are just for starters when it comes to having healthy hair. It is important that you practice these tips as much as possible. You will find that it is easier to manage your hair this way since you are preventing further damage to your hair strands.

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