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Must-Have Nail Art Brushes

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Nail art is going to stay for a long time as nail art designers are coming up with some amazing designs all the time. For women, adding some art to their nails is a form of expression for them or to set a mood or show off their elegant side. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to add nail art to your nails, the question is what tools will you need to do the design yourself.

If you want to do your own nail art, you will need to have the right brushes on hand. Here are some of the more important nail brushes that you should invest on so that designing your nails will be a breeze.

Detail brush. Everything is about the details when it comes to nail art which is why you need to get your own detail brush. This high precision brush allows you complete control as you paint simple to complex designs on your nails.

Skinny striper. As the name suggests, this brush is ideal for those fancy geometric shapes that you want to put on your nails. It’s important, however, that your nail polish has a smooth consistency so that it will be easier for the brush to simply sweep across your nails. If you are into tribal designs, this brush is a must-have.

Gelegance flat brush. Gel nail polish is certainly a hit with many women so if you’re using this kind of nail polish, you will need the gelegance flat brush. This brush is suitable for blending, patterns that require one stroke, shading, and even French manicure.

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All-rounder. If you have to do different styles on your nails and don’t have the desire to use many brushes, the all-rounder is the best choice. This brush is skinny so you will be able use it when applying nail polish on finer details.

3D Nail-art brush. 3-D nail art is quite impressive on nails so if you want to give your nails some fancy 3-D designs, this type of brush is needed. What’s great about this brush is that it has a sharp point and that the barrel is flat so you will have more control on your design. It doesn’t matter how small or big the design is, this brush is great to use.

Flat brush. When it comes to cleaning up your nail polish, the flat brush is the best choice. Sure you can make use of the angled brush or the pointed brush that is a bit stubby but the flat brush beats them all. The flat brush really glides on the nails and will clean up nicely. Another plus to this brush is that it is stiff enough to clean the polish that has bled on your cuticles. You just need to dip the flat brush in acetone to clean up excess polish from your nails.

Bold striper brush. If you need a brush that will help with outlining your nail art, the bold striper brush is the best choice. You can also create vertical and horizontal lines with this brush too. And you only need to use short strokes to appy the nail polish. You can even make swirls as well as stroke patterns with complete control on the brush.

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These are just the basic brushes that you can start with if you want to make your nail art designs on your own. Try practicing with them so you can get a feel for each brush. This way, you will be able to create your own designs at home.

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