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Fight Fatigue With These Home Remedies

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Extreme tiredness — this is what fatigue feels like. In this day and age, fatigue is a commonplace. So many people have it due to the loads of work- and home-related tasks and problems they have to face each and every day.

Resting is the single most important way to combat fatigue. But because everybody is constantly busy, no one can seem to effectively sidestep being fatigued.

Fortunately, combating fatigue can be done by means of some all-natural solutions. Continue reading if you are already sick and tired of being exhausted all the time because you will find some superb home remedies for fatigue below.

Eat More Protein-Rich Foods

Nutrition experts recommend the intake of high quality protein to those who face fatigue on a regular basis. That’s because protein is very good at raising your energy levels naturally — it helps build more lean muscles which help you feel strong, plus it can also be converted by your body into fuel if your energy reserves are already used up.

Some of the best sources of high quality protein include lean cuts of meat and skinless chicken or turkey breast. It cannot be denied that fish is also loaded with it. Egg whites are also excellent sources of protein. Are you a vegan? Then make sure that your everyday diet includes nuts and seeds.

Have Foods Packed With Healthy Fats

There is one more reason why you should regularly include fish, nuts and seeds in your diet if you are suffering from fatigue on a daily basis: they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart and brain.

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It’s very important to keep your heart in an excellent shape because it’s the one that supplies your entire body with blood that contains oxygen and nutrients. Your body needs all the oxygen and nutrients they need for proper functioning.

Your brain, too, should be kept in tip-top shape if you want to ward off mental fatigue, something that can keep you from carrying out plenty of your tasks both in the workplace and at home.

Consume Foods With Iron in Them

Earlier, it was mentioned that your body needs oxygen in order to be able to work optimally, thus keeping fatigue at bay. Your blood is capable of transporting oxygen because of its red blood cells, the formation of which greatly depends on good amounts of iron in the body.

This is exactly the reason why the inclusion of iron-rich foods in your everyday diet is a wonderful idea if you don’t want fatigue to slow you down. Some excellent food sources of iron include lean meat and dark green leafy vegetables.

Add Vitamin B12-Containing Foods in the Diet

Other than iron, one more nutrient that’s so important for the production of red blood cells is vitamin B12. There are lots of foods containing the said vitamin, and some of them are eggs, beef and chicken liver, and fish.

Aside from encouraging the production of red blood cells together with iron, vitamin B12 also helps convert carbs into fuel that your body, needs, much like the other members of the B group of vitamins.

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Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Strangely, being constipated can also make you fatigued. This is exactly why ensuring that your GI tract is in an excellent working condition is of utmost importance if you don’t want fatigue to ruin your day. Make sure that your everyday diet consists of fiber-containing fruits and vegetables to combat fatigue.

Drink Freshly-Brewed Green Tea

Last but not least, you can also consume green tea on a regular basis. Everyone knows that it’s a healthy beverage, and consuming it will also help keep fatigue at bay.

Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, and this is what helps make you feel energized. It also promotes better digestion, thus making sure you don’t end up constipated — a cause of fatigue, as earlier discussed. There’s L-theanine in green tea, too, which helps make you feel alert without leaving you jittery or nervous.

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