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Natural Remedies for Inverted Nipples

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Inverted nipples — sometimes they are purely cosmetic in nature, while other times they can signify problems especially if they come with other signs and symptoms. Inverted nipples come in different grades, which will be tackled below. Also discussed in this article are natural remedies for inverted nipples, if they’re the kinds that can be corrected manually.

Some people are born with inverted nipples while others develop them later on in life. If a woman is 50 years old and above and her inverted nipples come with unusual signs and symptoms such as pain, tenderness, thickening and discharge, seeing a doctor has to be done because it could indicate something serious, like breast cancer.

Without any underlying medical condition, having inverted nipples is purely cosmetic in nature. However, women who are planning on breastfeeding may find the presence of inverted nipples to be a real problem. It’s a good thing that having the issue corrected can be done manually through stimulation, or sometimes by undergoing the knife.

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are different grades of inverted nipples:

  • Grade 1. The nipple shows up when light pressure on the areola is applied. When released, it takes a while before the nipple goes back inside. Breastfeeding is very much possible, although manual stimulation has to be done each and every breastfeeding time.
  • Grade 2. A little more pressure has to be applied on the areola for the nipple to protract. The nipple also tends to become inverted again as soon as the pressure on the areola is released. This is something that can make breastfeeding a more challenging task for a mother.
  • Grade 3. No amount of manipulation can make the nipple appear. Needless to say, it makes breastfeeding impossible. Having grade 3 nipple inversion can also bring about other problems. For instance, a woman who has it may develop rashes and even an infection.
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Women who have grades 2 and 3 inversion of the nipples should consult their respective doctors on their options if they wish to have the problem corrected. In some instances, non-invasive procedures that require the use of certain devices may prove to be helpful, but there are also times when the only solution available is plastic surgery.

If you have grade 1 nipple inversion, it is very much possible for your cosmetic issue to be dealt with using a few natural remedies, which include all sorts of manual stimulation as well as the employment of certain devices which you can purchase quite easily. Here are some of the steps that you may take to have your inverted nipple corrected:

  • Place your thumbs on the opposite sides of your areola and gently pull them away from one another to make the nipple protrude. Release and then repeat. During the first day, do a couple of repetitions only. Gradually add a few more repetitions as the days pass.
  • Apply gentle pressure on the areola to have the inverted nipple protracted. Grab the nipple with your thumb and index finger, and then gently roll it. While doing so, apply a little outward pressure. Wash with cold water afterwards. Perform this routine a few times per day.
  • There are many different products that can help correct grade 1 nipple inversion. For instance, something as simple as using a breast pump on a regular basis may help correct the problem. From online and offline maternity stores, you may also avail of the likes of supple cups and breast shells.
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If none of this natural remedies for inverted nipples work after some time of doing them, it’s a good idea to step foot inside the doctor’s office. He or she can tell you which solution can work best for the problem.

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