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Signs You May Have Silent Reflux

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Everyone with acid reflux knows that eating spicy, greasy or acidic foods can lead to heartburn, that hard-to-overlook burning sensation in the chest. However, did you know that there is a particular kind of acid reflux that may not produce the said hallmark symptom? It’s known as “silent reflux”.

It’s called that way due to the fact that it doesn’t leave you with a nasty case of heartburn. What it does instead is cause a bunch of other symptoms, many of which are those that you wouldn’t normally link to acid reflux.

Since it doesn’t come with symptoms that are commonly associated with acid reflux, silent reflux tends to go undiagnosed. And when it’s left undiagnosed, it is not treated. The big problem is silent reflux,, just like acid reflux, can considerably increase your risk of having cancer of the esophagus!

According to experts, more that 50 million people in the US alone have silent reflux and not know it because they do not experience classic acid reflux symptoms, and so their respective doctors fail to identify the real problem. And so those who are affected get the wrong treatments.

Silent reflux is something that mimics asthma, and the truth is many individuals who are diagnosed with asthma do not really have asthma but silent reflux. It’s for this reason why a lot of those who are taking asthma medications but actually have undiagnosed silent reflux are not getting any better.

The following are some of the signs that you may have silent reflux:

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Do you have hoarse voice especially upon waking up in the morning? It can be an indicator that acid from your stomach has climbed all the way up to your throat while you were sleeping. Even if you’re not hoarse and it seems like there is something different with your voice in the morning, it may be an indicator of silent reflux.

Sore Throat

Another sign that you may have silent reflux is frequent sore throat. No amount of antibiotic can make the problem go away because it is not caused by microbes, but rather stomach acids that are wreaking havoc to your throat. Needless to say, having silent reflux can make it uncomfortable to swallow because of the sore throat it brings.

Excess Throat Mucus

If you often find yourself clearing your throat because it seems like there are lots of mucus in it, then you may actually have silent reflux. Sometimes it may feel like there’s mucus dripping from your nasal cavity to the back of your throat which causes you to attempt to clear your throat frequently.

Choking Episodes

Aside from mucus, someone who is suffering from silent reflux may feel like there is a foreign object stuck in his or her throat. Oftentimes, it’s something that can lead to choking or coughing episodes. There are instances, too, wherein you just swallowed something, like a pill, and it feels like it is lodged in your throat.

Metallic or Bitter Taste

It’s no secret among acid reflux sufferers that their disease can leave a metallic or bitter taste in their mouths. Those who have silent reflux also experience such. But since they do not have bouts of heartburn, they usually think that it’s due to something else so much simpler, such as poor oral hygiene.

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Breathing Difficulties

Earlier, it was mentioned that many of those diagnosed with asthma do not really have asthma, but silent reflux that their doctors have failed to recognize. Asthma sufferers have a hard time getting air OUT of their lungs. If you find it a problem to get air IN your lungs, then asthma may not be your problem but silent reflux.

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