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Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Palmarosa Essential Oil

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Palmarosa essential oil is obtained via steam distillation from a sweet-smelling grass called “palmarosa”. Native to various parts of Asia such as Pakistan, Nepal and India, this plant produces oil that is said to smell just like rose — it’s exactly for this reason why it got its name. Actually, so many budget-conscious people opt for palmarosa essential oil instead of rose essential oil which carries a really steep price tag.

The very pleasing and familiar fragrance of palmarosa essential oil makes it go very well with the likes of bergamot, geranium, ylang-ylang and lime essential oils. There is actually no need to dilute palmarosa essential oil with any carrier oil since it is really mild. However, just like when using any other essential oil topically, it’s a smart move for you to perform a skin patch test first just to see whether or not you will develop irritation from it.

Aside from being cheap and smelling phenomenal, another reason why so many people admire palmarosa essential oil is the fact that it offers a number of health benefits, from preventing an infection from striking to alleviating achy joints. Some people actually use palmarosa essential oil as a beauty solution for a number of cosmetic issues, including dark scars and premature skin aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the perks that you can get from palmarosa essential oil:

Improved Digestion

Did you know that palmarosa essential oil can be used for cooking? Actually, in many Asian dishes, it is an added ingredient in order to improve the breakdown of food as well as absorption of nutrients. A little palmarosa essential oil may be taken whenever you are being bugged by indigestion or flatulence (excess gas).

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Alleviated Respiratory Problems

One of the most well-known traditional healing uses of palmarosa essential oil is for the treatment of various disorders concerning the respiratory tract. For instance, it may be employed for dealing with problems that leave the air passages congested, such as the common cold, cough and acute bronchitis.

Reduced Joint and Muscle Pain

Palmarosa essential oil may be massaged on achy and swollen joints to provide relief. What’s so nice about it is it can provide assistance without causing all sorts of nasty side effects. Massaging palmarosa oil on sore muscles also offers relief just as effectively as more expensive solutions such as liniments.

Controlled Infection

Just like many other essential oils out there, palmarosa essential oil has the ability to zap microorganisms. It’s because of this why it is commonly utilized as a disinfecting agent for minor wounds and other skin problems — its application can kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause an infection which can lead to many complications.

Lowered Stress and Anxiety

The lovely fragrance of palmarosa essential oil is highly beneficial for people who have high stress levels or anxiety attacks. Taking a whiff of it via a diffuser or by placing a drop or two on the palm of the hand can effectively help relax the body and mind. Needless to say, palmarosa essential oil is also good for insomnia and mild depression.


Beautified Skin

A number of problems concerning the skin can be dealt with by palmarosa essential oil. For instance, it can be used for controlling eczema, psoriasis and even acne. Palmarosa essential oil may also be used as an anti-aging product as it can help moisturize the skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

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JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: Actually, palmarosa essential oil is commonly used for cooking purposes, which only means that it is generally safe for use externally and internally. However, for the sake of putting your wellbeing first, it’s a good idea for you to let your doctor know about your plan on using palmarosa essential oil for therapeutic purposes, most especially if you’re in the family way, nursing a baby or suffering from a medical condition.

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