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Easy Care Haircuts for Different Hair Types

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So, you’ve decided to get that haircut you always wanted. The one that you keep seeing the celebrities wear. You spent a lot of time and money in the salon to feel and look like a celebrity. It was all worth it though! You get out of the salon photoshoot ready. You enjoy your beautiful cut the whole day and decided to wash it the next. You find yourself annoyed that the haircut you had the day before doesn’t even look like the one you have now. The sad thing about most haircuts is that they aren’t washed and go styles. It does take a bit or a lot of styling depending on your haircut to get the dream hair you want. This can be really annoying, especially when you are someone that just wanted a low maintenance and easy car haircut. To help you out, we’ve asked some hair experts on the best easy care, haircuts you can sport depending on your hair type. Read on to find out what haircuts they think will work best.

Thin Hair

People with thin hair have a hard time with a different haircut and maintenance due to the lack of volume in their hair. This will make it a lot harder to style since you will need to create volumes either with tools or products. Thankfully, you can still have an easy care haircut even with thin hair. All you have to do is to maintain a one length haircut. These types of haircuts will give your hair thickness and volume. Avoid any layers in your hair. Hairs that are below the shoulders are the best length. This is the best length to weigh hair down without it going in different directions. Anything longer can make the hair appear a lot thinner. This can be

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Thick Hair

Thick hair would have a harder time styling hairs that are too heavy such as blunt cuts and short hair styles. This will make your hair puffs up and will require heating tools and products to manage every day. IT will also be a lot harder to maintain when you plan to grow it out. People with thick hair should stick to hairstyles that are below the shoulders and with lots of layers. The length will prevent your hair from puffing up too much and the layers will reduce the volume. This will make the hair a lot easier to style and managed. Air drying will be enough to style it. This will also need less trimming and maintenance.

Say No to Bangs

If you really want something that is low maintenance and easy to style; avoid bangs. Fringes may seem like a good idea the first few months you get it, but when it becomes too long it can be a huge hassle to trim every month. It will also require a bit of blow drying or rollers to get the right shape and texture. If you really want to sports bangs and want something that is a bit more low-maintenance opt for side swept bangs. It is a lot easier to maintain and can be tucked away on the side when it becomes too long.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can opt for short hairstyle and pixie cuts. Wavy hair can be styled easily. So, any type of hair cut except for blunt cuts would fit, but short hairstyles are best since it gives the hair texture and volume. Just using a bit of styling cream is enough to make every day hair to elegant or party chic.

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Super Tight Curls

Super tight curls can be a blessing and a curse. It’s best to keep these hair type long with long layers. This will keep your hair looking styled with just a wash n go. Short layers have the tendency to obstruct your face, choose longer ones to keep it intact.

Curly Hair

Angular lobes are hairstyles that are longer in the front than it is in the back. This is a great cut for curly hair since it can give your hair shape without too much styling. All you need is to wash and go. It is also great when it becomes longer. Another hair cut that is low maintenance for curly hair is long layered hair styles. The ideal length of curly hair is below the collarbone. This weighs down the hair, reducing frizz. Adding in different length layers can reduce the bulk in the hair and make it a lot easier to style without using any product.

Low maintenance and easy care hairstyles are tolerant to most hair length. There are also a lot of easy hair styles you can do, whether you have short, medium or long length hair. If you are someone that is constantly on the go that unfortunately got a high maintenance hair style. Try quick and easy to manage hairstyles such as buns, twists, braids and so one. You can also upgrade these easy haircuts and hairstyles, by polishing it up with accessories and products. Try some of these haircut outs the next time you try out a new style.

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