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Acne Mechanica: What It is and How to Get Rid of It

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Acne mechanica is a type of acne that is caused by friction, pressure and excessive heat. It’s something that can affect not only the face, but other parts of the body, too. Although just about anyone can develop acne mechanica, certain people are simply more susceptible to ending up with it.

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Unlike common acne (also called acne vulgaris) that a lot of people suffer from, acne mechanica is not caused by bacterial action and skin inflammation. Rather, it is due to constant pressure and friction on the skin. Most of the time, acne mechanica is also caused by the presence of too much heat.

The appearance of acne mechanica can range anywhere from rough spots, red-colored bumps to pus-filled growths. It all depends on factors such as the area of the body affected or the severity of the problem.

While acne mechanica can affect just about anyone, most especially those who are susceptible to developing pimples or acne on the face and elsewhere on the body, acne mechanica is more common in students and athletes, in particular teenagers (most especially teenage males) and young adults. That’s because they tend to wear and use items that can trigger the skin condition to strike.

For instance, students have to constantly carry heavy bags — areas of the body where bag straps commonly rest become prone to acne mechanica due to the pressure and friction they are getting. In athletes, acne mechanica usually affects areas of the body that come into contact with sporting equipment such as helmets, caps, shoulder pads, and others. The fact that athletes wear uniforms out of synthetic fabrics only contributes to the problem.

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Soldiers are also prone to suffering from acne mechanica, most especially young adults who are stationed in very hot and humid areas. Because they carry heavy items all of the time and they usually have to stay under the sun, it’s not unlikely for soldiers to develop acne mechanica.

But just because you are not a student, athlete or soldier doesn’t mean right away that you are impervious to developing acne mechanica. While it’s true that certain types of people are more susceptible to having it, just about anyone can actually end up suffering from this skin condition.

For instance, you can have acne mechanica if you like to talk on the phone for long periods of time — the pressure applied by the phone on your skin can cause acne mechanica to strike. If you love wearing ill-fitting clothes and certain fashion accessories like tight headbands or hats, then you may be at risk of developing it.

Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with acne mechanica naturally:

Take a shower as soon as possible after engaging in sports or working out at the gym. 

Cleanse affected areas of the skin very well, but refrain from exfoliating as it can exacerbate the problem. 

Keep your body hydrated at all times. 

Opt for clothes that are out of breathable fabrics like cotton and others made from natural fibers. 

Soothe problem spots with aloe vera gel, rose water or diluted tea tree oil.

If none of the above remedies for acne mechanica seem to deliver, consider paying a dermatologist a visit so that you may be prescribed with topical medications effective for this skin condition.

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