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Exercises for the Perfect Bubble Butt

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Having a great butt are not just for bikini season! Don’t skip on working on your derriere just because you don’t need to wear those fitted and revealing bikinis. Just think about the body fit dresses and fitted jeans you can wear with that toned and lifted bottom. Don’t skip working out your butt and try these easy to incorporate exercises.

These exercises is to do and can be done in your home, gym or at the park. These moves will help tone your butt that you won’t feel any shame when wearing fitted shorts, yoga pants and leggings.

Perk up your beautiful derriere and reduce its drooping with these easy to do butt exercises.

Tip Toe Squat

Squats are the most basic exercise when it comes to lifting and toning your butt. You can a simple twist to this traditional exercise by tip toeing. Keep your feet shoulder length apart, straighten your back and bend your arms as if you’re going to box. Tip toe and slowly bend your knees to perform a squat. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the proper standing position. Repeat this 15 times for 2 sets. When you have a hard time balancing you can use a chair to keep you balanced. If this workout is too easy for you. You can always incorporate in some dumbbells.

Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are great for toning the thighs and butt. You can easily do this exercise every morning or before you go to sleep. Start by going on all four. Your hands and knees aligned, keep your core tight and keep your back flat. Start by raising your leg as high as you can and keep your knees at 90 degrees. Lower it back down and keep your core engaged. Repeat this for 12 repetitions for 4 sets on each leg.

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Adductor Squat

This is another variation of the famous butt lifting squat. Start by standing hip width apart and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Place a single dumbbell (depending on your body weight and strength) in between your legs on the ground. Keep your back straight and slowly bend your knees. Lift the dumbbells, hold onto it with both of your hands. Lift your body and return to your original standing position and repeat. Aim for 10 to 15 repetitions. Make sure that you can handle the weight. When it is too heavy it may cause back pain.

Glutes Bridge

This exercise can help tone the butt and the core. You will need weights or a kettle ball to perform this move. Start by lying on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Take your weight or kettle ball and place it on top of your pelvic area. Keep your core tight and start to thrust your hips upwards. Lift your hips as high as you can and squeeze your butt. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and hold on tightly to your weight. Lower your hips down, but don’t let your butt touch the ground. This is one repetition. Aim for getting two sets of 12 repetitions.

Kettle bell Mountain Climbers

This exercise is great for the butt, legs, core and arm. You need two kettle balls to perform this move. Start by getting in a push up position with one kettle bell in each hand. Keep your feet hip width apart. Keep your core engaged and start the move by driving one knee as high as you can towards your chest and switch with the other leg. Repeat this for as long as you can for a minute or two.

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Curtsy Lunge

Stand with your feet hip width apart and hold onto a kettle ball with both hands. Keep your back straight and your shoulders firm. Start the move by crossing your right leg behind your left and slowly bending your knees as if you are performing a curtsy. Keep your weight in the middle to maintain your balance. Uncross your legs and go back to the starting position. Repeat these steps with your other leg. Repeat this step for 12 reps on each leg for 4 sets.

Keep that booty looking firm and smooth with these best butt lifting workouts. You can always spice up your workout by adding more weights, just make sure that you are able to handle the weight to prevent injury.

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