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Habits That Can Cause Bloating

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Bloating usually goes hand in hand with poor eating habits such as eating too quickly or not chewing your food enough. However, it can also be due to something else such as leading a very stressful life. No matter the case, one thing is for sure: bloating is super uncomfortable.

Excess gas is the reason behind it. Bloating can easily tarnish a perfectly fine day without delay because it makes your belly expand plus it can also cause gas pains that can range anywhere from mild to severe.

Clearly, no one wants to end up bloated. If you are prone to it and you wish to keep it at bay, keep on reading. Below you will come across some everyday habits that can cause bloating. After checking out the entirety of this article, don’t forget to share it on your various social media sites — your family and friends who are prone to winding up bloated will surely be thankful for your thoughtfulness!

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So without further ado, here are the most common culprits behind a bout of bloating:

Not Chewing Enough

There are actually a number of digestive problems that can come into being if you refuse to chew your food very well, and bloating is just one of them.

Chewing your food well helps ensure that your stomach won’t have a hard time digesting hard-to-digest food. What’s more, it facilitates the process of digestion — your saliva actually has digestive enzymes in it. Experts suggest for you to chew your food not less than 20 times to avoid bloating. Plus it also helps you dodge the next one.

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Eating in a Hurry

A couple of reasons exist why eating too quickly is not good for your tummy. First, it keeps you from chewing your food well — just like what’s mentioned before, not chewing enough can hamper the digestive process. Second, it causes you to accidentally swallow more air than you should — bloating is essentially having a lot of gas.

Want a very simple trick that can help you slow down at the table and ultimately dodge bloating? In between every mouthful, put your spoon and fork on the table.

Not Drinking Enough Water

It’s important to keep the body well hydrated. Aside from providing your cells and tissues with all the water they need in order to function, it also helps ensure that your digestive system is in tip-top shape.

Every single day, experts recommend for you to drink around 2 liters of water. That may sound a lot but not really — that’s equivalent to about 8 glasses of water only. By the way, it’s a good idea to pair sufficient intake of water with being physically active to keep bloating at bay.

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Drinking More Water Than Necessary

Anything that’s too much is bad — it includes drinking more water than needed. This is most especially true while you’re at the table. If you consume a lot of water during mealtimes, your stomach acid gets diluted. Such can keep the food you eat from becoming digested effectively, and this can lead to a number of things such as bloating and indigestion.

To keep bloating at bay as well as a few other digestive issues commonly brought about by glugging down lots of water, refrain from consuming too much water 30 minutes before and after a meal.

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Being Stressed

According to health authorities, the digestive system is extremely susceptible to the effects of stress on your body. It’s something that can considerably reduce stomach acid and digestive enzymes. What’s more, it can also cause an imbalance of bacteria in the gut — the beneficial ones get outnumbered by the bad ones.

If you’re prone to bloating due to a stressful life, look for ways to avoid unnecessary stressors. Definitely, it is a great idea for you to partake in stress-busting activities on a regular basis.

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