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How to Perform a Mental Detox Effectively

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When the word “detoxification” is mentioned, most people think about the removal of toxins from the physical body. Did you know that a mental detox has to be carried out, too, for the attainment of good overall health? In this article, you will learn about some tips and tricks on giving your mind a much-needed detox.

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These days, stress and anxiety can leave our minds tired and cluttered, keeping us from having a lifted mood and feeling great about ourselves. Having a toxin-free mind is also the secret to getting a more positive outlook in life as well as enjoying optimum energy levels — mental exhaustion can also leave the body exhausted.

So if currently it seems like you are not happy right where you are or where you seem headed, it’s a good idea for you to perform a mental detox, which is something that’s surprisingly simple.

Unlike when getting your body detoxified, doing a mental detox does not require you to consume a specially-prepared juice or tea, or hit the local spa and avail of expensive treatments. Getting your mind detoxified requires nothing that comes with an unpleasant taste or a steep price tag — it’s free and rather easy to carry out.

Here are some of the things that you may do to enjoy a detoxified mind:

Express Your Feelings

Having your feelings bottled up can make you feel like you’re going insane — it’s a clear indicator that we are not really designed to keep strong emotions locked up inside.

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That is why you should express your feelings to someone if you want to attain mental detox. If you are not ready to confess your emotions in front of another human being, you may simply write everything on a piece of paper. Keeping a journal allows you to keep your mind from being cluttered with negative emotions.

Avoid Stressing Over Things You Cannot Control

In life, there are things that we can control and then there are those that we can’t. Obsessing over those that you cannot change or at least do something about will only leave your mind stressed and fatigued.

What you need to do is focus on things that you have power over and accept those that you have no control over as matters that should be left in the hands of fate. Besides, based on experience most of the things that you worry about do not really happen. So cheer up and don’t be a control freak or worrywart.


Nothing can help rid your mind of negative thoughts better than meditating. No, you don’t have to be a hippie just to be able to meditate — you just have to let your mind go completely empty from time to time.

Something as simple as taking slow, deep breaths is already considered as meditating. Painting, doodling, listening to music and taking a relaxing bath are also forms of it. Just about any mental or even physical activity that may be carried out without you thinking about it as well as anything stressing is a wonderful form of meditation.

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Get in Touch With Nature

According to numerous scientific investigations, people who spent more time in nature reaped better health and mental wellness. From time to time, step outside your home.

Being surrounded with the beauty of the great outdoors helps eliminate the stresses of living right in the middle of the city. What’s more, being with nature allows your skin to be touched by sun, which is an excellent source of vitamin D. Experts say that vitamin D is a nutrient that can help lift your mood.

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