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Important Tips to Consider on a Keto Diet

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Keto diet is fast becoming a trend in many health and wellness circles as it is a combination of calorie restriction and enhancing ketosis so that you will be able to lose weight fast while keeping your body in the best of health. However, there are certain differences on what people believe that they should do and what research is saying with regards to what is ideal for people’s overall health. With that being said, here are a few tips that you should take into consideration if you are planning on following a keto diet.

Know what you should pay attention to

Most people who go on a keto diet often ask whether they should pay attention to their calorie intake, what foods they can eat, and whether they should go on intermittent fasting and whatnot. But in keto diet, what you are trying to do is to reduce your calorie intake to go into ketosis.

Get sodium

Although this might sound counterproductive to you, your body does need sodium so that nutrients will go in and out of your cells. And because you are consuming less sugar and processed grains, you will need to add foods that have sodium in them. Without it, there is a high chance that you will feel tired all the time because there is not enough nutrients going through your body.

Adjust your food environment

The problem with our food selection nowadays is that there are now ready-made food products that are highly processed or have scents that make us salivate and crave for them. Unfortunately, these food options are not really good for us because they are laden with chemicals, salt, and fat. With that being said, if you are following a keto diet, it is important that you remove all the tempting foods from your pantry and your fridge and switch them with healthier options.

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Add fats

In keto diet, about 70 to 85% should come from healthy fats. This means that you shouldn’t avoid them at all. If you are looking for a snack, look for foods that contain healthy fats that will help fill your belly up and boost your overall health too.

Be prepared for keto flu

For those who are just starting on the keto diet, there will be changes to your overall health. For one thing, you might exhibit symptoms of the flu because your body is not getting enough water or minerals such as sodium. The good news is that you will be able to treat these flu-like symptoms with water and eating foods that are rich in minerals. If you can, take mineral supplements as much as possible.

Drink more water

The problem with keto diet is that you are eating fewer carbohydrates which mean that your body is not retaining enough water. This is quite normal and your body will get used to it eventually but there is a chance that you will find yourself becoming dehydrated. This is why you need to step up your drinking habits and aim for 6 to 8 glasses to stay energized. Water can help you feel less hungry too which is a plus if you are in a keto diet.

Go for homemade meals

When it comes to keto diet, it is better that you opt for homemade meals instead. Ordering food may not be a good idea because you are not sure how much calories you’re eating and whether the ingredients used are appropriate for a keto diet. The good news is that there are plenty of keto recipes that you can follow to prepare your meals at home.

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