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Home Remedies for Cracked Skin Around the Fingernails

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Cracked skin around the fingernails can be quite annoying. They can make your hands look horrid, keeping you from having the confidence to shake or hold someone else’s hand.

Luckily, it’s a problem that does not require a trip to the doctor because there are tons of home remedies for it. Basically, what these solutions do is keep skin around the fingernails properly hydrated.

Here are some of the things that you may do to put an end to the issue:

Apply Petroleum Jelly

One of the quickest and cheapest home remedies for cracked skin around the fingernails is the application of a little petroleum jelly on the problem area. Do this on a daily basis until the pesky cracking goes away on its own.

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Petroleum jelly works by keeping moisture locked in. Just see to it that you do not apply lots and lots of petroleum jelly on your fingertips to avoid making anything you touch greasy.

Try Olive Oil

If petroleum jelly is not your thing, fret not because you can always count on olive oil. Massaging a little olive oil on the area around your fingernails on a regular basis can help make the problem go away in no time.

What’s so nice about opting for olive oil in dealing with cracked skin around the fingernails is it actually helps strengthen and beautify your fingernails, too.

Or Go for Coconut Oil

Want something even more effective than olive oil in dealing with cracked skin around the fingernails? Reach for a bottle of coconut oil and start massaging a little of it on your fingertips.

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Coconut oil also possesses superb antifungal properties. So if your cracked skin around the fingernails is accompanied by nail fungus, then the regular application of coconut oil is a wonderful idea.

Depend on Aloe Vera Gel

Are there some aloe vera plants in your garden or on your window sill? Then you have quick access to one of the best home remedies for cracked skin around the fingernails — the gel within each aloe vera leaf.

Harvest a little of the said gel and start massaging it on your fingertips. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse off very well with water. Aloe vera gel works because it has hydrating properties and also vitamin E.

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Or Simply Grab a Vitamin E Capsule

Worry not if you are being bugged by cracked skin around the fingernails and you have no aloe vera plant around or inside your home. That’s because you may simply reach for a vitamin E capsule.

Prick the capsule and apply a thin layer of it on the area around your fingernails. Just like what the name says, a vitamin E capsule is loaded with vitamin E that hydrates and nourishes skin.

Bank on a Banana

It’s a great idea for you to have some bananas in your kitchen not only to ward off constipation and high blood pressure, but also to keep at bay cracked skin around the fingertips.

What you need to do is mash a small piece of banana using a fork. Apply the resulting mush on your fingertips and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water afterwards.

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Count on Pure Honey

Finally, you may massage honey on affected areas of your fingertips until it is fully absorbed by your skin. Honey is capable of moisturizing as well as repairing skin.

The best type of honey for the job is the kind that’s raw and organic. Refrain from allowing your hands from coming into contact with water soon after application to give honey plenty of time to do its work.

Other than following any of the above home remedies, you should also:

Avoid frequent hand washing

Use only mild soaps and detergent

Put on gloves when gardening and doing all sorts of household chores.

Steer clear of alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Dodge hand lotions with fragrances


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