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Surprising Uses for Deodorant

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We all want items that serve more than one purpose and that we can use every day. One of the prime examples of these types of item is deodorant. Deodorant is one of the most multipurpose item that you can have at home and in your bag. Your odor stopping stick is something you use every day without fail and a huge part of your routine. Did you know it can also be used for a quick beauty fix, health fix and house fix. Besides keeping your pit sweat free and smelling fresh, your deodorant can also help with insect bites, thigh rash and even smelly feet. You’ll be surprised at how many ways you can use deodorant. Just make sure that you are currently using the deodorant you plan to use for these different tips to prevent any skin allergies.

Reduce Foot Odor

Deodorant is used on our armpit to prevent body odor and excessive sweating. What other area do you think about that is prone to odor and sweating? Your feet are often in a close and humid piece of footwear that makes it prone to foot odor and sweat. Swiping a good amount of deodorant on your feet can help remove body odor. Make sure to do this before you sleep to allow the skin to absorb the deodorant. Doing this just before you wear your shoes can cause your feet to be too slippery that can lead to injury.

Hairline Sweat

When it is incredibly hot we tend to sweat and we mean sweat. Within a few minutes that makeup we’ve worked so hard on is coming down with your sweat. This even goes for your hairstyle, sweat can cause curls or any type of styling to unravel. You can reduce sweating by applying it around your hairline and nape. This can help prevent your sweat from trickling down and save your hair styles. This can also help prevent your hair from sticking to your neck due to sweat.

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Make Shoes Wearable

Do you have a pair of shoes that you love but just can’t wear since it rubs on your skin too much that it causes chaffing or even scraped skin? You can wear them again by simply swiping your favorite deodorant around the entrance of the shoes and sides. This will act like a lubricant preventing your skin to rub too much on the footwear. Use clear deodorant when it comes to leather or dark shoes since it can stain the material.

Insect Bites

You can reduce itching from insect bites by applying a good coat of deodorant in the area. This can help reduce the itchiness and reduce moisture in the area, drying out the skin. This can help heal the insect bite faster.

Thigh Chaffing

One of the main causes for thigh chaffing is excessive sweat. This causes the skin to be sticky, leading to more friction that can irritate the skin. Applying deodorant a few hours before you leave the house can help prevent excessive sweating and chafing. You can also use deodorant on your legs to grease it up to wear skinny jeans or anything that is too tight. This can also prevent your legs from sticking to the fabrics causing too much friction.

Fresh Closet

Some deodorant contains fragrances that stick a lot longer than colognes and perfumes. This is a great tip for closets that have that musty smell. Simply leave an open stick of deodorant inside the closet. The smell can also linger in your clothes, leaving a faint scent.

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Zit Cure

You can help cure zits by applying a layer of deodorant on it. Deodorant can help remove moisture on the blemish causing it to dry out faster. This will then ensure that your blemish is gone in a day or two. However, make sure that before you apply anything on your face to try it out first. Some deodorants can be too strong that can do more harm than good.

There are a lot more uses for these amazing skin care and hygienic item that we were not able to discuss. When trying out any of these tips we advise you to use sticks or roll on deodorants. Even if you are used to your deodorant, some areas can be a bit more sensitive than others. So always do a patch test before using any of these tips. Share with some of your personal and creative ways of using deodorant! If you’ve ever tried any of these deodorant uses, share with us what you think!

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