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Best Face Oils for Clear and Hydrated Skin for All Types

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Our skin needs some TLC especially when we are trying to keep signs of aging at bay. For sure you’ve been slathering moisturizers, serums, and lotions on your skin just to keep it moist and to keep oiliness at bay but did you know that there is another option available that is actually good for any skin type? Facial oils are good for your skin because they can nourish it deep within. The trick is here to find the right kind of oil to use based on your skin type. How would you know which one to use? Here are a few suggestions to consider.

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Argan oil. If you are looking for facial oil that will work for all skin types then the argan oil is the best choice available. This oil is often considered as liquid gold and is one of the best skin care products today because it has the ability to moisturize, treat, and heal the skin effortlessly. Applying argan oil constantly can prevent skin breakouts from appearing plus it can help calm the skin meaning there won’t be any inflammation for you to worry about.

Frankincense essential oil. If you are trying to fight off signs of aging, then you’re better off using frankincense essential oil as part of your beauty regimen since the ketonic alcohol present in this oil can moisturize dry and aging skin. Applying this oil on your face can help regenerate your skin so that it will remain healthy and supple. Another plus to using this facial oil is that it can remove acne and scars while keeping your skin properly hydrated.

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Rose oil. Another facial oil that will work on any skin type is rose oil. It’s great for under the eyes and for your entire face too if you want. Since this oil is on the lighter side, you can apply it before you go to bed so that there will be less puffiness in your eyes and less visible dark circles too. Applying this before bedtime can also leave your skin looking rejuvenated the following day.

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Tea tree essential oil. Are you breaking in acne ever so often? Get your hands on some tea tree essential oils as soon as you are able. There are many skin benefits associated with this essential oil such as antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal which can kill off any microbes or bacteria that may trigger acne breakouts. Apply tea tree essential oil on your skin so it can reduce inflammation plus it will remove any dirt that may be clogging your pores too.

Deep hydrating serum. You can also check some deep hydrating serums that contain coconut, grape seed oil, jojoba, hemp, sunflower, seabuckthorn, marshmallow, green tea, neem leaf, and st. john’s wort because they can be used on all kinds of skin type. Apply this once in a day and you will notice that your skin is glowing naturally. With this deep hydrating serum, you can gain beautiful looking skin in no time.

Lavender essential oil. For those with dry skin, make sure that you use lavender essential oil to address the dryness of your skin as soon as possible. What this oil can do is to moisturize your skin deep within while soothing any irritation or inflammation. Applying this regularly can help prevent rashes, acne, and boils from forming plus it can improve blood flow on this area of your body too. If you have eye bags or dark circles under your eyes, this essential oil can be a big help in alleviating their appearance.

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