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Health and Beauty Benefits of Collagen

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Collagen — it’s something that a lot of skincare products, especially some of the most expensive ones, contain. But did you know that your body is capable of producing its own supply of collagen? It has to be manufactured due to the many important roles that it plays, from keeping the joints free of pain to preventing the arteries from hardening.

If you like to know more about collagen and most especially the health benefits it brings, continue reading. Share this article afterwards to let your family members and friends get to know collagen, too!

Collagen is actually a type of protein. In fact, this is the most abundant form of protein that is present in the body at any given time. You can find it anywhere from your skin, blood vessels to the bones. You can think of collagen as a special kind of glue that makes sure that various components of your body are held together properly.

Earlier, it was mentioned that the body produces collagen. Unfortunately, the production of it tends to wane as you age. It’s partly for this reason why the skin begins to sag, the joints start to ache, the blood pressure becomes increased, and so many other changes in the body takes place the older you get.

Certain lifestyle and dietary factors also contribute to the waning of collagen production. One good example is too much exposure to the sun. Another is the intake of excessive amounts of sugar. Smoking is definitely a big factor.

The good news is you can still ensure that you body is getting good amounts of collagen even if the production of such has already declined. Including bone broth in your diet is one of them as bones are some of the places where large amounts collagen are present. You may also eat foods that are rich in vitamin C as the said nutrient is a precursor to the creation of collagen. Finally, you may also take collagen supplements which are available at health food stores.

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Now that you know collagen better, let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that it brings:

It Makes Both Skin and Hair Beautiful

Collagen helps keep the skin firm, thus saving it from becoming wrinkly and saggy. It’s for this reason why lots and lots of anti-aging products out there claim to have collagen. This type of protein is also important for beautifying and strengthening your hair, and that’s why there are loads of collagen-containing hair products around.

It Promotes Pain- and Inflammation-Free Joints

Joints are protected with connective tissues that contain collagen. The passing of years causes those protective tissues to get worn out, and this can easily lead to joints that are painful and inflamed. Actually, some doctors these days are employing collagen for treating osteoarthritis and other problems concerning the joints.

It Alleviates Leaky Gut Syndrome

Earlier, it was mentioned that collagen can be considered as a special type of glue. It’s because of this why it can be very beneficial for those who have leaky gut syndrome — it seals the damaged protective lining of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Collagen is also said to be helpful for other digestive-related problems like acid reflux and IBS.

It Promotes Reduction of Excess Pounds

Collagen can also be found in the muscles. By promoting the growth of lean muscles, collagen helps you shed off excess pounds as your metabolism becomes accelerated. The faster your metabolism runs, the more efficient the burning of excess calories becomes. Aside from making you lean, collagen also helps you get stronger.

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It Helps Lower Heart Disease Risk

As people age, their arteries become stiffer and stiffer. This paves the way for the deposition of plaque and cholesterol in them. In addition, it also makes it possible for the blood pressure to increase. Thanks to collagen, the arteries can be maintained flexible, thus considerably reducing heart disease by preventing some of its risk factors.

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