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Habits that Hurt the Kidneys

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The kidneys play a serious role in our body as they are the ones that absorb the minerals from the food that we eat, produce urine, creates hormones, and even filter the blood from impurities. Although we can still function with 20% kidneys, it would be better if we start taking steps to ensure that we are helping them perform their tasks. Unfortunately, we have many habits that are actually doing more harm than good to our body which is why, by identifying them, you will be able to take the necessary steps to correct them.

Here are some habits that have a negative impact on our kidneys that you should start avoiding or correcting immediately.

  • The soda habit. Drinking soda may quench your thirst or give you that energy boost that you need but drinking two or more glasses of it can increase your risk of kidney problems. This is because soda can cause proteins to appear in urine and when this happens, it is a sign that your kidneys are damaged. On a good note, this can be reversed by avoiding soda at all times.
  • Using too much salt. Another habit that you need to unlearn is using too much salt on your foods. One reason behind this is that a diet that is high in sodium can actually increase your blood pressure and will harm your kidneys in the long run. Instead of using salt when preparing your meals, go for herbs and spices as they can lend more flavor to your meals plus they are healthier too.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in front of your TV or the computer the whole day won’t get you anywhere in terms of health as living a sedentary lifestyle can actually make you prone to various diseases starting with your kidneys. If you want to reduce your risk from kidney stones, you will need to start moving today. This can be something simple as taking a ten-minute walk down the street or going on a bike ride, or swimming for that matter. You will be surprised how better you will feel when you start being active today.
  • Skipping sleep. If you think that skipping sleep is a good thing because you are able to do more in your day, think again. The problem with skipping this part of your routine is that it will affect your kidney function as it is regulated by your slee and wake cycle. Also, lack of sleep can make your cognitive function go slower and your immune system will be compromised too.
  • Not drinking enough liquids. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is necessary to stay hydrated. If you are not a frequent drinker, not only will you be robbing yourself of your much needed hydration but you’re also preventing toxins from being flushed out. This is why doctors are recommending that you drink up to 8 glasses per day or more depending on how active you are to help your kidneys and the rest of your body to function properly.
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