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Ways to Lose More Weight When Walking

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Walking is the most popular form of exercise for any age group. We walk every day and we use this method of transportation to help lose weight. Though, people who use this form of exercise tend to get bored due to the slow progress of this exercise. It takes a longer period for people to lose weight by walking than with running or cycling. This is often due to the heart rate. The faster your heart rate the more calories you burn. It would approximately an hour of walking to burn the same amount of 30 minutes of running or even less depending on your weight and stamina. However, not everyone is
capable of running or other cardio exercises. Though, most of us have the ability to walk. We can help increase the calorie we burn by performing some of these simple steps.

Walk with Smaller Steps

Walking using smaller steps can help you burn more calories by increasing your movement and heart rate. Try walking using smaller steps at home for a few minutes and see the difference from your normal walk. This idea comes from the idea of jogging in  place or cardio warm ups. You can always flex your arms and engage your core and buttocks to increase your calorie burn. Use faster motions and shorter steps to increase heart rate. Rest for about a minute and repeat. When in public, try to practice this too.

Using Your Arm

The higher your arms the, the faster your heart rate will become. This is often why exercise videos will ask you to raise your arm during cardio workouts. Raising your hand can also keep your heart rate up after a workout. You can vigorously pump your arms up as if you are in a rave to increase your heart rate while walking. You can also circle your arms sideways or as if you are performing an 80’s dance. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you move your arms during your walk. If you’re walking in a busy street. You can always flex your arms and engage your core and buttocks to increase your calorie burn.

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Get Some Poles

Nordic poles can help increase your calorie burn by about 20 percent. This helps by engaging your whole upper body and torso. This will tone your muscles while increasing your heart rate. The idea of this exercise is from skiing. Move your poles as if you are skiing, place the end of the pole 45 degrees behind you angled away from your body. Use the pole to propel yourself forward and repeat this process for about 10 minutes.

Set Visible Goals

Instead of telling yourself you’re going to walk for two miles, go for something that you can see. The next stop sign, the next block, stop sign or so on. Each goal, try to interchange your speed from slow walking to fast. This will help ensure that you reach your goal and keep your mind into the workout, instead of getting bored.

Heel to Toe

Increase your muscle tone and calories burn by walking the right way. Some people walk using their heel first. This can cause serious injury and muscle pain. You need to spread your weight evenly to help increase calories. Walking from heel to tone can help you tone more muscle in your legs than dragging your feet or walking as if you are marching. This can tone your glutes, hamstring and calf muscle.


Standing the right way can help improve your calorie burns by engaging most your muscles and straightening your spine. This will activate your glutes, core, shoulder
and hips.

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Shoes that can properly support your body can help increase calorie burns by allowing the muscles to accept the pressure from walking instead of the joints. This can help you in
the long run to help reduce joint pains. There are shoes specifically designed shoes to help with walking. These shoes can help improve your form and balance.

Try to add these little ways to your walking to help burn more calories. Do you have other tips to help lose more weight when walking? Share it with us.

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