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15 Things You Should Know to Grow Strong and Healthy Nails

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Taking care of nails properly is a basic hygiene. We at Wellnessbin.com have compiled a list of useful tips, to keep your nails in good and tiptop shape.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your fingernails in good condition:

1. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning.

Experts advise to use rubber or plastic gloves when using household cleaners or detergent that has a bit high chemical content, because it may damage the nails. This can also make your hand dry.

2. Don’t forget to take your vitamins.

Taking multivitamins is a must for our body and even our nails. Due to the free radicals and toxins around us, we must be sure to protect ourselves by taking vitamins. Supplements are healthy for the nails, like the biotin supplement which is good for the nails because of its vitamin B content.

You can also apply vitamins directly to the nails such as biotin or vitamin E gel capsules. Just pop a hole into the capsule and apply directly.

3. Weekly nail maintenance ensures long term health.

A regular cuticle care is needed to maintain healthy nails. Every once in awhile, filing of nails and applying moisturizers or cream to your nails is a good cuticle care.

4. Go easy on the water.

Soaking in too much water can make our nails weak and easy to break. It absorbs lots of water making it more softer, so when you suddenly pick something up and your nails got caught up in something hard, it can easily break or tear. Nails should be dried first, before submerging into water again.

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5. Load up your meals with protein.

Lots of protein and a well-balanced diet, plus the right amount of water is good for the nails as well as our body. Water to hydrate and moisturize our skin and nails and protein- rich foods like fish, can promote a healthy and strong nails.

6. Stay away from hazardous and harsh chemicals.

It’s a good thing to have nail polish or go to the salon to have our nails done. But be careful in using nail polish frequently, since it’s made up of chemicals that may harm us if we inhale it, as it contains toluene, formaldehyde resin and formaldehyde, a chemical mostly use for preservation, including human body preservation. So putting nail polish may also harm our nails, instead of making it beautiful and healthy.

7. Manicure essentials are base and top coats.

For nail polish, choose a polish without the harmful chemicals present. Experts say it is also good for our nails to be polished, to coat the nail for protection. Do not forget to apply the base coat then the top coat.

8. Stop picking or biting your nails.

Nail biting is not a good habit, besides it create stress fractures on the corner edges of the nail causing breakage. It is also not a healthy habit because when we bite our nails, the saliva in our mouth also sipped into our nails.

Another bad habit is when cleaning too hard, or rubbing the top of your nails. It’s a nervous reaction, that definitely cause severe ridges on top of the nail plate.

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9. Have a nail file handy for emergencies.

A handy nail file is a must, a basic tool we women should have since sometimes accidents may happen. If we broke a nail, to prevent further damage, we need to smoothen the edges to be safe and healthy.

10. Applying sunscreen before going under a UV or LED light.

Radiation also affects our nails and of course our hand. So to be safe, apply sunscreen before exposing yourself to any UV or LED light. Experts advised to smoothing on a broad spectrum sunscreen before exposing to certain radiation, to protect the nails and the hands.

11. Nail strengtheners do work.

Experts advised to use nail strengtheners, composed of keratin protein that bonds the molecules together to promote stronger nails. But discontinued use of these strengtheners, will just result to its normal composition. You can apply this every three days for longer and best result.

12. Let dryness away with a moisturizing hand cream.

Hand soap after wash or frequently washing our hands, can cause our hands and nails to dry. Experts advised to hydrate our hands and nails after every wash. Its like when washing your face you moisturize it. For your hands and nails, you should do the same thing, wash then moisturize.

13. Don’t ever use your nails as a tool.

Do not use your nails as a handy tool, except in an emergency situation. Don’t use your fingernails to open letters, boxes or tin cans. This may cause a lot of risk, bending the nail backward or break. According to experts, our nails have a white area, which is referred as a stress area that weakens or break when we always use our nails as a tool. So be more aware on how you use your dear fingernails.

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14. Scrub off your old nail polish.

According to experts, nails polish should be remove one week after. Most women wear the same old manicure for too long, that it is already peeling.

15. Needs a pair of warm winter gloves before braving the cold.

Too much cold temperature also make our nails brittle and deteriorate. So have a pair of winter gloves when you go out to protect your beautiful nails.

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