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Overnight Beauty Tips to Look Pretty

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Women just can’t seem to catch a break at times to take care of their own personal needs what with their jobs, their chores at home, and others in between to the point that their hair, skin, nails, and even lips no longer receive their much needed TLC. But taking care of your self doesn’t always have to mean that you will need to go to the spa or salon to look your best the next day because there are some overnight beauty secrets that you can do that will make you beautiful the following day.

Here are some to take note of.

  • Leave-on conditioners. Sometimes our hair can look dull and lifeless especially when we are stressed so if you want to show off gorgeous locks the next day, the best thing to do is to apply your favorite leave-on hair conditioner on your still damp hair and wrap a scarf around it. Keep the conditioner on overnight then rinse thoroughly the next day. You will find that your hair will look much better the following morning because of this treatment.
  • Exfoliate lips. Dry and cracking lips can be difficult to handle when applying makeup so if you want to bring back the softness to your lips, you can do so by exfoliating your lips using a clean toothbrush. Brush your lips gently with it then apply a small amount of honey or sweet almond oil before you go to bed. Exfoliating your lips remove the dead skin to reveal healthier looking skin underneath. The oil can further nourish your puckers and since you are leaving it overnight, your lips will be able to absorb the nutrients so that they will become soft once more.
  • Nourishing oil or hand cream. If your hands are constantly exposed to detergents, water, heat, and the like, chances are that they can become dry, cracked, and prone to peeling. Unfortunately, when your skin starts to peel, it can cause discomfort. One way to reduce the dryness of your hands is to apply some nourishing oil or a very thick hand cream on your hands then wear light gloves overnight. This will lock in the moisture in your hands and you’ll wake up with softer hands.
  • Castor oil. For those who want to grow their lashes or brows thicker and longer, you should turn to castor oil. Castor oil has vitamins and minerals that can promote hair growth. Use a Q-tip to apply the oil on your lashes and eyebrows and leave it on overnight. Rinse the next day.
  • Change pillowcase. Did you know that your pillowcase can affect how your skin and hair will look like the following day? Using pillowcases that are not silk can actually cause friction on your hair which can lead to tangles. Your skin can also be affected by the type of pillowcase that you are using. If you want to prevent wrinkles on your skin or hair fall to occur while you sleep, switch to silk sheets and pillowcases. You will see a huge difference.
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