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Hair Masks to Try for Your Colored Hair

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Dyeing your hair is a huge commitment to make especially when it means that you will be a sporting new look for months and having to maintain it once the roots start to show. It also comes with various side effects too such as having to deal with dry and brittle ends, and the lack of luster and smoothness too. After all, your hair strands have been subjected to coloring agents and heat which can leave them quite dry. It doesn’t matter whether you are just aiming for highlights, balayage, or just a single process, not taking necessary steps to bring back moisture to your starved locks will only make your hair look the worse for wear. Fortunately, these hair masks will help revive your dry colored hair without damaging the dye.

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Argan oil mask

This vegan hair mask makes use of organic ingredients and is formulated to be paraben and sulfate free. It is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients such as green tea extract, hydrolyzed keratin, aloe, as well as argan oil that can help smooth, hydrate, and strengthen your dry, damaged hair. Aside from reviving your damaged, colored hair, this hair mask can also be used if you are dealing with thinning hair because it can help stimulate your scalp to boost hair growth.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre

There is no denying that our hair looks shiny, bouncy, and radiant when we step out of a salon after having our hair colored, but if you think that it’s going to be hard to sustain this look, this color lustre hair mask from Shu Uemura makes it possible even when you are at home. You should apply this on your hair once a week, or in place of your conditioner to give your mane that natural shine to it.

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Phyto Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask

Dull hair can be a problem when you had your hair dyed, but this radiance mask will deliver nourishing proteins to them, so you will see them look great once more. Just because you had your hair colored it doesn’t mean that you should leave it alone. This mask will revive your hair in no time.

Purple Toning Mask with Coconut Oil

Prolonging your blonde look is possible, with the help of a purple toning mask that can help touch up any fading areas on your hair, and even reduce the brassiness too. What’s even better is that it can also strengthen and moisturize your hair in one go. This treatment should be used once a week, and has a dual-violet type of dye to get rid of the yellow tones. This way, your blonde hair will look the same as the first time you stepped out of the hair salon with your new do.

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Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Baby Blond

Blondes may have all the fun, but when it comes to preserving this uniquely light-colored hair, the effort you will have to put into it is not exactly easy. But things are bound to become better if you choose this hair mask as it is infused with buriti oil and almond butter that help neutralize any brassy tones that are starting to show. Not only, but you’ll also get to keep your hair looking shiny too.

As you can see, there are different hair masks that are suitable for your colored locks to keep the shade vibrant while your hair strands gain back their natural smoothness and shine. Each of these hair masks has its own unique blend of ingredients that repair and revitalize dull and dry colored hair.

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