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8 Drinks for Pregnant Women

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What you eat and drink is crucial when you are pregnant and it can be an inconvenience when there are many things you loved to drink before you were pregnant that you have to steer clear of for 9 months.

But do not fret, the drinks below are not only safe for you, they can also help you get through your pregnancy.


Water aids in the body’s production of breast milk and in the process of lactation. It also helps in maintaining the health of blood cells. And of course, since you drinking for two, it would keep you hydrated.

Coconut Water

As a beverage with natural isotonic properties, coconut water aids in the prevention of dehydration. It is also known for replenishing the body’s natural salts. Though there are divergent opinions on its effect to breastfeeding mothers, studies have also proposed that drinking coconut water also helps in your body’s production of breast milk.

Fresh Fruit Juices

Fresh fruit juices like those from oranges, watermelons and pineapples contain fiber and vitamin C that supposedly helps in easier labor. These are also nutrients that will greatly benefit the fetus’ immune system. Just make sure that if you do not make juice from the fruits itself, the juice you buy from the supermarket has the label “all natural” or “100 percent juice.”

Vegetable Juices

For likely mothers who cannot or do not want to eat vegetables but want to have the advantages brought by them, making juice from them is the best alternative. One such sample is the spinach smoothie.

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Milk is rich in protein, vitamin B12 and calcium, nutrients you greatly need during your pregnancy. If you do not want to drink plain milk, you may want to try making a smoothie or a milkshake.

Water with frozen fruits

If you want your water with a subtle fruity taste, you can slice up frozen pieces of oranges, lemons, kiwi or peach and then put it in a pitcher of water. They are colorful too and can be your go-to drink to impress visiting family members who will check in on you.


Juice from a lemon is rich in vitamin C and when taken cold, helps your body hydrate. Studies have also shown lemonade as a great beverage to calm your nerves after morning sickness.


Buttermilk is known for its positive effects in the hydration levels of the body. It also aids those who are having trouble with digestion.

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