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Beauty Habits That Could be Bad for Your Health

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We all want to look good. Some of us would even go to great lengths just to make a lots of heads turn towards our direction. But are you aware that certain beauty trends can undermine our health?

If you are a beauty-conscious person and also someone who would be willing to try just about any beautifying craze just to remain physically attractive, then this article is made especially for you. Below you will come across some common beauty habits that could be bad for your health, scientists say.

Using Tanning Beds

Because we are all aware of the nightmarish effects of too much sun to our beauty as well as health, many of us are resorting to indoor tanning, and a lot are going gaga over the use of tanning beds.

Are you aware that the use of tanning beds is just as bad for you as staying under the scorching sun because the devices involved are installed with lamps that give off harmful UV rays? So in other words, using tanning beds is just like a more expensive way to increase your risk of premature skin aging and cancer!

If you want to attain a bronzed look without risking anything, it’s a much better idea for you to simply opt for self-tanning lotions, creams, sprays or gels. Opt for the finest brand and formulation to attain a natural-looking result.

Applying Bleaching Creams

On the other hand, so many women dream of having fair skin. It’s exactly for this reason why skin bleaching creams are highly popular these days. Their manufacturing is regarded as big business.

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Different skin bleaching creams work differently in order to provide results. Some speed up the removal of the topmost part of the skin to reveal a layer underneath, while others inhibit the production of melanin. Regardless of the case, many of today’s skin bleaching creams work with the help of harsh and often questionable ingredients.

Excessive dryness, irritation and pigmentation issues are some of the adverse side effects of some skin bleaching creams. A lot of them are even contraindicated for pregnant women due to birth defect risks.

Getting Weaves

It’s true that getting weaves allows you to change the length and style of your hair instantly, and that’s why a lot of women across the planet opt for weaves in order to make everyone around them go “wow!”

Unfortunately, studies conducted on women who resort to the use of weaves often revealed the fact that this beauty trend is something that could cause what’s referred to as central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia. In layman’s terms, it is a type of hair loss that starts on the crown and can easily spread throughout the scalp.

And since getting weaves do not come with a cheap price tag, women keep their weaves intact for several weeks or months, which can definitely contribute to a bad case of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia.

Putting on Big Eye Contacts

In various parts of Asia, big eye contacts are highly popular among beauty-conscious women. Also sometimes called circle lenses, they are designed to make the eyes of those who wear them look bigger.

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These contact lenses are non-corrective and purely for beauty purposes only, which means that they are not prescribed by eye specialists. It’s for this reason why putting on big eye contacts can increase a woman’s risk of having vision problems, and even injury to the peepers which can easily result in loss of vision.

Since they are not approved by the FDA, it’s illegal for vendors to sell big eye contacts in the US. However, they can be easily purchased on the internet, and many of them come very cheap.

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