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13 Foods You Should Never Eat for Breakfast

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According to nutrition experts, breakfast is the most important meal there is — it jumpstarts your day and gives you your dose of energy until you can have your lunch. Needless to say, it’s very important that you have your breakfast.

But are you aware that there is something worse than not having breakfast? It’s having breakfast that’s unhealthy.

Having your breakfast means nothing if it involves some really unhealthy foods. So in other words, it’s not enough that you have your breakfast — it matters a lot that you opt for the right kind of breakfast, too!

Here are 13 foods you should never eat for breakfast:

1. Breakfast Cereals

The name makes it clear that they’re for breakfast, but breakfast cereals are some of the worst foods that you can have at the start of your day because they contain very small amounts of whole grains plus they’re loaded with sugar.

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2. Pancakes

Although they will surely give you the energy you need to have your day commenced, pancakes are actually loaded with refined grains that can wreak havoc to your blood sugar levels.

3. Waffles

Basically, waffles are just pancakes that are cooked differently to make them look so interesting. Since they’re essentially just pancakes that have undergone a facelift, it’s a good idea to steer clear of them for breakfast.

4. Toaster Pastries

It’s quite clear that toaster pastries are ideal breakfast treats for people who are always in a rush. Not too many people, however, are aware that these easy-to-prepare foods are perfect for people who don’t care about their health.

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5. Granola Bars

Just like toaster pastries, granola bars are highly appealing for individuals who are in a hurry to have their breakfast. Unfortunately, they rely on excessive amounts of refined sugar to supply your energy needs.

6. White Bread

If you’re like most people whose mornings are not complete without a slice or two of toast, make sure that you opt for brown bread. That’s because white bread contains nothing but calories.

7. Bagels

Just like white bread, bagels supplies your body with calories and very little of everything else. Especially if you combine bagels with the wrong spreads, your breakfast can easily end up as a huge disaster!

8. Shop-Bought Sandwiches

Although highly time-saving, shop-bought breakfast sandwiches can be loaded with a lot of fat, sugar and sodium due to the presence of processed meat and all sorts of dressings that contain mayonnaise.

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9. Flavored Oats

There is no denying that flavored oats are more fun to eat than plain oats topped with nuts or fruits. But the truth is flavored oats are loaded with sugar that quickly offsets the many different health benefits that oats bring.

10. Non-Fat Yogurt

If you think that non-fat yogurt is better than plain yogurt, think again. To make non-fat yogurt taste phenomenal, it is mixed with a lot of sugar. The fact is you are better off consuming plain rather than non-fat yogurt.

11. Muffins

A lot of muffins seem good for you because they are topped with fruits. However, easily cancelling out the perks of the added fruits are the tons and tons of sugar present. Actually, muffins are just cakes in smaller sizes.

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12. Coffee With Cream

It’s perfectly fine to have a cup of coffee if you want an energy boost. However, it is an entirely different story if your coffee is made fancy by cream and other ingredients that are teeming with sugar.

13. Fruit Juice

The way they’re called makes it seem as though they’re perfect for you, but most fruit juices these days contain very little fruits and are packed with lots and lots of sugar — consuming them is like drinking liquid sugar!

Can you think of other foods that should not be served on the table at breakfast? Feel free to share some of them below in the comments section!

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