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How to Hide Anything with Makeup

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Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! It is one of the fastest growing and money making industry. Going through the makeup section of a mall is a lot harder than grocery shopping. There are so many options, brands, shades, variety and type of makeup that picking just one from the array of colors can actually be painful. Though, through this different variety, we as users are given more freedom to experiment and mix and match. People have been using makeup for different reasons now, not only for looking good. People can now look like their favorite celebrity, get smaller and bigger features and even turn into a werewolf
slash lushness monster. However, one of the best things that makeup has contributed to our lives is the art of concealing. This may not seem like a big deal for some, but to those who suffer from severe acne and scars; concealing can boost their self-confidence.

To show appreciation to the art of concealing we have compiled an easy list of instructions on how to cover up anything with makeup.


There will be certain occasions where you will have to hide your tattoo. Thankfully, through the innovation of makeup you can do that and still have natural looking skin. You will need a foundation, concealer, orange/light teal eyeshadow and Hairspray

– The first thing you need to do is to determine your undertone.Do you have more of a reddish or tan-ish undertone? Use orange eye shadow. If you have blueish or pale undertone use the light teal.

– To start, apply concealer on and around the tattoo. This will not completely remove the tattoo, but it can lighten it and give you a more even base.

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– After concealing, dab your eyeshadow on top of the tattoo. Once you’re done, apply Hairspray in the area. Once the Hairspray is dry, add a layer of concealer. Some people whose tattoos are not that dark or bid can finish off the concealing with this step by
applying foundation and applying powder.

– If the tattoo is still visible continue and repeat the applicationof eyeshadow towards the
application of concealer. This step will completely cover the tattoo. Though, your skin may
appear lighter than most areas, so it is important to use the right shade of foundation. Apply the foundation all over the area and beyond it. Finish everything by dabbing loose powder to make it appear natural.


Scars can bring a lot of bad memories and most people do prefer to hide their scars, there are now different products that can specifically cover these scars.

– Add more moisturizer to the area to make the area soft and absorbent. Find a concealer that has a peach undertone for scars that are old or dark. Dab the concealer on the scar, don’t worry if the scar is still visible. Top the concealer with a brush of loose powder.
Conceal the area again using a dabbing motion. Once the scar completely disappears top it with foundation to balance out the color of the skin and finish off with translucent powder. If scars are still red, but healed. Apply concealer that has a green undertone, this will neutralize the redness. Repeat the steps above. This can also apply to acne scars and acne. Though, we do not advise applying makeup on newly formed acne or scars since this can cause infection and irritation. If you do not have concealers with these undertones, you can always opt to use eyeshadows or color correctors.

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Getting a black eye or a huge bruise on your face cause you thought the idea of jumping from your roof to your pool was a good idea before your interview is a huge problem. Well, you can thank makeup for allowing you to go without looking like you’ve been in a fight.

– Start by taking a light peach cream blush, a cherry red lipstick and concealer. Apply a small amount of the blush and lipstick on the back of your hand or a palette and mix them together. Once you are done mixing, add in your concealer, mix it together again until you get the right consistency. It should appear like your concealer, but with a more reddish o
r pink undertone. Lightly dab this mixture on your bruise. This will not appear perfectly, so you have to top it off with your counselor to balance out the color. Finish it off by dabbing in powder.

Have you tried any of these concealing techniques before? Do youhave ones that are better? Share it here with us and tell us how much concealing has helped you!

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