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Fitness Mental Rules Women Live By

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Attitude and mental motivation play a huge role when it comes to fitness.This is one of the common struggle people endure during or before their fitness journey. Some of us lack the attitude to pursue our fitness goals and end up stopping midway through our diet or fitness regime. This is one of the main struggle people face before they enter the world of fitness. The thought of not being able to comply with the regime and losing their will before they even begin. Fitness trainers encourage us to be fitter versions of ourselves, but not all of us are given the privilege of having a personal trainer and we have to rely on ourselves to becoming better. It’s true that fitness is mostly all about attitude. Having the will to
work out and eat healthy is far better than any fad diet or a 24 hour personal trainer. So, how exactly can you become this attitude driven fitness monster? We’ve asked some of the top female fitness models and junkies to share with us their mental rules and how they manage to put them into training.

Blocking the Negative

It’s true what they say that our worst enemies are ourselves. The negative way we think about ourselves place a huge role when it comes to our fitness. It is that tiny little voice that tells us that you can’t do it, that what you do will lead to nothing. This is one of the biggest obstacle you will face during your fitness journey. Filtering out these negative thoughts will be difficult but it’s what you need to be successful. This tip also applies to the people around you. Never stick with someone that doesn’t want the best for
you. If you are with someone that constantly derails your progress or prevents you from getting into your fitness goals, then drop them as soon as you can. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts to improve your chances of success.

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Optimize Your Motivation

Once you remove all your negative thoughts, the next thing you need to work on is motivation. The important thing to establish this is to have a clear goal. Why do you want to get fit and what do you hope to achieve? Motivation is everything when it comes to fitness. It’s what drives you to stand up in
the morning to jog when all you want to do is sleep it off. It’s what keeps you from going an extra mile in your cycling routine. This is what will keep your fitness at a personal level that will push you to establishing change in yourself. Write it down now. Why you want to get fit and what it can do for you in the future. Read this out loud every day and embed it in your mind. Use this to push you to work out.

Set Specific Goals

The more detailed you are about your goals, the higher the chance you will achieve them. A study showed that women are more likely to achieve their goals as they write them down and creating tiny little goals for themselves. This is also a great way to reduce temptation, improve healthy habits and increase exercise routines. For example, write down on pieces of paper and place it somewhere you can see every day. Little goals such as reducing sugar craving by: step one reducing the amount of sugar you put on your tea or coffee, step two don’t buy any sugary food when grocery shopping and so on. This also works with fitness and exercise. Creating small goals such as walking for 15 minutes, doing 10 squats a day, etc.

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Keep a Visual Inspiration

Have you ever looks through Instagram and see a fitness model, your first feeling is often envy then you feel impressed. This makes you feel like maybe if I work hard enough my butt will look that good. This practice often is effective for increasing mental fitness. Having a concrete visual to help you get motivated everyday can help with your grit and motivation. Another form of visual inspiration is buying clothes that you wish to fit into once you get in shape.

Fitness and health is all about motivation and attitude. These are what pushes us to stand up in the morning to go out for a run and this is the brain power
that tells us to run an extra 10 minute on the treadmill. Our mental rules are what keeps us going and what makes us achieve our goals. If you really want to get fit, take note of this mental rules and try them out for yourself.

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