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Beauty Uses for Cranberry Juice

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Cranberry juice is a highly popular home remedy for urinary tract infections or UTIs. But did you know that you can also rely on it each time you are facing certain cosmetic issues?

If you have a carton of 100 percent pure cranberry juice in the refrigerator and now you are wondering how it can benefit your skin and hair, continue reading. Below you will learn about the many different beauty uses for this particular type of juice, from shrinking the pores, controlling excess facial oils to managing scalp itchiness.

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For Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As we age, the production of collagen wanes. It’s partly for this reason (the others being excessive sun exposure and unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits) why the skin becomes saggy and wrinkly. But fret not as there is a particular nutrient that helps the body produce more collagen — vitamin C.

There’s vitamin C present in cranberry juice, and that is why consuming it on a regular basis can help keep your skin firm and wrinkle-free. You may also apply cranberry juice on problem areas and rinse it off after 20 minutes.

For Shrinking Large Pores

Cranberry juice possesses mild astringent properties, which means that it is capable of making tissues contract. It’s due to this why you may apply it on areas of the face where there are large pores present.

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Using a cotton ball, apply cranberry juice on the nose and cheeks. Allow it to remain in place for a couple of minutes, and then splash your face with cold water. And because cranberry juice makes those gigantic pores appear smaller, it becomes easier to keep blackheads and whiteheads from forming.

For Controlling Facial Oil Production

If you have large pores, chances are you also have oily skin. Luckily, this very common beauty issue is something you can control with the help of cranberry juice. The moment that your face is shiny, use cranberry juice just like you would your favorite toner. Afterwards, wash it off with water thoroughly.

Thanks to cranberry juice, you don’t have to regularly depend on your facial wash all the time, which is something that can actually make your skin produce more oils in order to safeguard itself from dryness.

For Managing Pimples and Acne

Did you know that cranberry juice has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties? And are you aware that you may count on this type of juice to put pimples and acne under control?

What you need to do is daub a little cranberry juice on problem areas. Allow it to remain in place for about 20 minutes in order to give it enough time to do its job. Wash your face with water afterwards. Do this once or twice a day to accelerate the healing of those pesky pimples and acne.

For Encouraging Faster Hair Growth

Cranberry juice is loaded with both vitamins A and C, and this is what makes it beneficial for individuals who like to have voluminous or longer hair — cranberry juice is said to help stimulate hair growth.

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On a regular basis, just consume a cup of 100 percent pure cranberry juice to have your hair follicles nourished. If you want, you may also massage cranberry juice on your scalp about half an hour before you shampoo your hair. Do any of these procedures (or both of them) to enjoy faster growing hair.

To enjoy the above beauty benefits of cranberry juice, make sure that you opt for one that is free of added sugars or artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

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