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A List of Genius Health Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Ladies, we do understand that you don’t need anyone to keep on telling you that finding the right motivation for you to always eat healthy and exercise regularly is quite difficult. While this is not to advocating for you to always take the easy way out, there are times though when health-related life hacks can certainly come in handy. You know those nifty little tips and tricks that require not much of an effort but make staying fit and healthy a bit easier and can make your entire life better, more balanced and even longer. Below are some examples of those simple, yet genius
life hacks that can help you looking and feeling amazing in
no time.

1. Cover your blisters with duct tape.

Do you feel a blister coming in? Take care of it by carefully applying duct tape over the irritated area as smoothly as possible, making sure to avoid creases. This will make a better cushion for the blister and won’t peel off easily—works like a charm; its effectivity being sworn by lots of power-walkers and runners alike.

2. Make your playlist as long as each of your preferred workout.

When you do this, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be looking at your watch as often while doing your exercises—you’ll stop, when the music stops! Neat!

3. Bring your pooch!

If you’re looking for an extra dose of fun and workout motivation, bring your dog with you for a walk or run outdoors. Remember, your pups need their exercise too!

4. Down a glass of lukewarm water plus lemon when you wake up each morning.

This early morning drink can get your internal organs a kick-start, plus the addition of the fresh lemon juice can provide you with a whole lot of anti-fungal, immune-boosting, detox properties.

5.Can’t seem to sleep? Blame it on your cell phone!

According to recent studies, constant staring at cell phone
screens especially during bedtime causes people to take longer to reach a deeper sleep stage. Unfortunately, deep and quality sleep is needed for your entire body to get recharged fully and repair all the damages incurred during the day. Seriously, Facebook and Instagram can wait until the next working.

6. Eat ginger if you over-exercised.

If you happen to push yourself too hard at the gym, consider eating ginger which can be included to juices, stir-fries, smoothies or even tea. Studies conducted at the University of Georgia found out that 2 grams of heat-treated or raw ginger can reduce muscle soreness from workouts by at least 25%. Why? Because ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols that are known to have sedative as well as pain-killing effects.

7. Talk it out in order to build your muscles

It is said that hearing verbal encouragements can increase the amount of weights you can lift; so why not pump iron along with a friend or a personal trainer to give you some support.

8. Eat before you eat.

If you are planning to go to a party, a big dinner or a buffet and you don’t want to totally ruin your diet, eat a cup or two of raw veggies prior to attending those activities in order for you to give your stomach a headstart.

9. To boost your metabolism, sleep in a cold room.

Your brown fat percentage increases when you are exposed
to cold environments. Brown fats act more like muscles which help burn other fats by increasing your metabolic rates.

10. Smell an orange.

Feeling stressed? Try relieving it by smelling oranges. Several researches have proven that the scent of orange is a great stress reliever, can help improve mood and makes you feel more awake.

11. Shop on a full stomach.

When you’re grocery shopping, don’t go on an empty stomach. Why? Because everything you’ll see will look inviting
and good, you’ll end up throwing things at your cart that you normally won’t buy (read: junk food and chocolates).

12. Pay yourself every time you workout

Tip yourself with $1 and leave it in a jar for each time that you workout. At the end, you’ll lose more calories and will feel great, plus you’ll have extra money to use for something fun.
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