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Home Remedies for a Burnt Tongue

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Did you just make the mistake of taking a sip of piping-hot espresso, a spoonful of just-simmered chowder, or a bite of freshly-baked pizza? If so, your tongue must be burnt right now. It’s usually nothing serious, except for the fact that it can leave your tongue swollen, achy, feeling rough and even unable to sense tastes.

The moment you made that slip-up at the table, immediately try some of the following tried-and-tested effective remedies to attain immediate relief from a burnt tongue:


Drink Cold Water

One of the things you do when you accidentally come into contact with something hot is put the burnt skin under running cold water. The same thing should be done when you mistakenly put something scalding-hot in your mouth — as soon as you got your tongue burnt, immediately drink a glass of cold water to counter it.


Suck on Some Ice Chips

It’s also a great idea to simply suck on some ice chips when your tongue gets involved in some gastronomic accident. However, do move the ice chips around because allowing the injured part of your tongue to come into contact with something extremely cold for a long time is a no-no.


Sprinkle Some Sugar

Another home remedy for a burnt tongue that many swear by is sprinkling some sugar on the injured area. Stick your tongue out and place some sugar on it. Let the sugar stay for as long as possible on your tongue until they are completely dissolved, which means that no talking, eating or drinking for a few minutes.

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Take a Spoonful of Honey

Other than sugar, you can also combat a burnt tongue with honey. All you have to do is put a spoonful of it in your mouth and let it stay in there for as long as possible to give honey plenty of time to soothe the burnt area. Do remember that honey should not be given to children 1 year and below!


Have an Ice Pop or Ice Cream

Two of the home remedies for a burnt tongue — sucking on ice chips and sprinkling sugar — discussed so far can actually be rolled into one, and that is by having either an ice pop or ice cream. But if you’re a health- and figure-conscious individual, skip to the next home remedy.


Eat Plain Yogurt

We all know that yogurt is good for the gut. But did you know that it’s also good for alleviating a burnt tongue? As soon as you got your tongue burnt, switch to dessert mode and reach for a serving of yogurt. It’s a good idea to go for plain. Better yet, ease that burnt tongue with Greek yogurt, which is super healthy!


Apply Aloe Vera Gel

If you have aloe vera plant in your garden and you just burnt your tongue, you are in luck. That’s because you have access to an excellent remedy for your problem. Break off a leaf, extract the gooey substance within, and apply on the affected area of your tongue. Try not to talk, eat or drink for a few minutes.

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Or Simply Smear Vitamin E

What makes aloe vera very good in soothing a burnt tongue is its vitamin E content. So just in case there is no aloe vera plant within your easy reach, just reach for a vitamin E capsule. Prick it with a needle and smear the oil on your burnt tongue. Again, try to let vitamin E stay on it for as long as possible for superb relief.


Have a Throat Lozenge

A throat lozenge can come in handy whenever you accidentally burn your tongue. That’s because it contains certain ingredients that help mildly relieve pain in your throat, which can also ease that throbbing sensation on your burnt tongue. The menthol taste also helps provide much-needed relief.

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