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A New Twist on the French Twist up Dos

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Hairstyles can be created by using different hair color, shades, shape, cuts, style and so on. Besides these you can also sculpt the hair using different product and techniques. You can design the hair with accordance to different types of occasion and face shape. You can create a braided up style, the sexy silky straight style, voluminous curls and so on. All types of style look different in their own unique and beautiful way. However, one of the most classic and well-known hairstyles is the French twist. This elegant and sophisticated hairstyle is a popular choice for women. It is considered one of the most classic and formal hairstyle for all ages and occasion. You can use the French twist for dinner parties, red carpet, weddings, a regular day in the office and so much more. Apart from this, the French twist can be styled using different effects. Adding some bangs, highlights and curls can help spice up the style and look.

For beginners, the classic French twist is hard hairstyle to handle. However, with new techniques, products and tools. The classic French twist can be easily replicated with a little skill and patience. The French twist is usually worn in school dances, wedding, family outings and in the office. This hairstyle is low maintenance and require little to no touch ups.

There is so many ways you can spice up a French twist. Below is a compilation of amazing easy to do French Twist hairstyles. Scroll on below to see the intricacies and beauty of this beautiful classic style.

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Classic French Twist

A New Twist on the French Twist up DosThe classic French twist is an elegant hairstyle that is widely used for formal and professional events. This hairstyle is well-known due to its sleek and sophisticated appearance. You can replicate this hairstyle with the help of strong Bobby pins/ clips, hairspray, smoothing brush, teasing comb and brush. Brush your hair all over and make sure that there is no tangles. It is best not to use any conditioners or moisturizing products when planning to create this look. The products can make the hair too smooth, causing the bobby pins to slide off. Start off by teasing the highest point of your head and a two inch straight line from your apex to your nape. Once that is done, take your smoothing brush and smoothen the side of your dominant part to your nape (as if you are creating a one sided hairstyle). Once you like the style of this side of your part, pin it firmly in place from the middle of your nape until ¾ of your apex (Crisscross the pins to keep it firmly in place). Now smoothen the other side of your part and start twisting it upward. Place the twist firmly against the pin and pin it in place (Hide the pins by tucking it under the twist). Once this is done their will be a few hairs that will need styling. Follow the image above and style the excess hair inside the twist and incorporate the excess hair in the front to the twist. Smoothen everything with the brush and apply a good amount of hairspray.

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Accessorized French Twist

A New Twist on the French Twist up DosThis version of the French twist is great for bridal or bridesmaid hair. It’s sleek, yet fun. You can easily recreate this hairstyle using different hair accessories and the classic French twist. Be creative with this style. You can put in flowers, feathers, gems and so much more.

Half French Twist

A New Twist on the French Twist up DosThis fun and easy to do version is great for everyday hair to prom day. As you can see above it can be styled with straight or curled hair. You can create this look by parting your hair into half pony and pinning the middle of the pony with hair pins. Once that is secure take the other side of your pony and twist it towards the pin. When you like the style of your twist pin it in place. You can add accessories to this hairstyle or create volume by teasing the hair.

Banged Up French Twist

A New Twist on the French Twist up DosThis cute and fringe worthy version of the French twist is great for the red carpet or for corporate events. The scattered bangs will help frame the face and help enhance the features of the face. This is great for women that have full fringes or side fringes. Create your classic French twist and simply style your bangs and hairspray.

When creating the French twist, always use hair pins that have tight hold to keep the style secure. This hairstyle is best for long hair, but can be also done in short hair. When you want it to be looser, don’t brush your hair too much and prevent tucking the ends of your hair or creating the perfect twist or cone.

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