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10 Hair Mistakes To Avoid That Make You Look Older

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A nice hairstyle adds character to a person. It also says a lot about a person – their particular style, personality and how old they are.

We have compiled these tips on “Hair Mistakes to Avoid that Makes One Look Older”. So let’s turn back the clock with these youthful tips to try!

Avoid these hair care mistakes that make you look older:

1. You won’t go for lighter colors.
You should consider coloring your hair with 2 or 3 shades lighter permanent color or highlights. Or go for the warmer colors, such as creamy chocolate if you’re hair is dark brown. Extreme dark hair against a light scalp makes thinning hair more visible. It also casts shadow on your skin making your wrinkles more visible.

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2. You won’t go for darker colors.
Don’t go for the same color as your skin complexion. Give it a little contrast so your skin will have a healthier glow. If you have light complexion, then go for a deeper and caramel low-lights.

3. Your hair is too short.
If you want short hair, keep it slightly shaggy. This will make you more modern and maintenance will be much easier. Avoid cutting it too short, such as a conservative crop.

4. Your hair is too long.
If your hair is too long it can drag your hair down, pulling your features along with it. Don’t go for the long length hair, parted down the middle and shapeless hair. If you want a long hair, go for the one just below the collarbone.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Change
Do you want to cut your hair, color it or let it grow? Or do you want to change your hair style? Well, its all up to you, do what best suits you and works fine for you. This is what staying young and feeling young is about!

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6. You opted for an extreme cut.
Don’t go to extremes when you’re choosing a hair cut or color. It can also add up to your age, looking like you’re overdoing it. Keep your hair style evolving, but don’t become a slave to fashion.

7. Do Your Part
Long hair that is shoulder length is more acceptable to more mature clients these days. Just make sure that your hair is healthy, strong and shiny and it makes you look younger.

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Also hair parted on the side, with a long fridge will put emphasis on the cheekbones and sharpen jawline areas. Wherein bangs draw attention to your eye, so keep this in mind if you’re worried about wrinkles around your eyes.

8. Hiding Behind Your Hair
Women sometimes hide their face in their hair. Don’t cover your forehead with your bangs, but instead open your face and style your hair with a look that will flatter your entire face.

9. Try sporting a bangs
Try sporting out a bangs as they can make you look younger. Test them first by using a mirror to see what would look great on you. Go for bangs that are full and not wispy or opt for that longer, side-swept one.

10. Dry and damaged hair
Avoid using too much hair care products on your hair. Chemicals can cause your hair to be dry and damaged over time. A healthy looking hair gives you that youthful and vibrant appearance.

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