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Habits That are Bad for the Scalp

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Lots and lots of women invest in some of the most expensive hair care products and treatments on the planet in their quest to have the most awesome tresses in town. However, only a few of them actually give the scalp the loving and caring it deserves — it’s from the scalp which hair grows!

Other than not providing the scalp with enough attention, so many women are also guilty of doing things that can damage the scalp, which can ultimately leave the hair ruined. There are different habits that can wreak destruction to the scalp, and you may actually be guilty of doing some of those!

So what are these scalp-damaging habits that you may be doing? Here are some of them:

Cigarette Smoking

Everyone is well-aware that smoking cigarettes is something that can have all sorts of unfavorable impact on the health. Did you know that it can also harm your scalp? In order to properly nourish your hair, your scalp needs all the blood supply it can get, and cigarette smoking is something that can impede circulation to the scalp.

Being Stressed

We all know how stress can ruin the skin. And since the scalp is actually skin, stress can also cause havoc to it, thus leaving you with an assortment of hair issues. If you want your scalp to stay healthy, make sure that you avoid as many stressors as you can and also engage in stress-busting activities regularly.

Getting Too Much Sun

Having enough sun is good for you, but too much of it can definitely be bad! It’s a wonderful idea for you to shield your scalp from excessive sun exposure as UV rays can leave it burned and dry. When stepping out of your home between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, put on a hat or bandanna, or simply grab an umbrella.

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Frequent Trips to the Salon

Is it your habit to regularly step foot inside your favorite salon to keep your mane looking phenomenal? Unknowingly, you may be damaging your scalp. There are tons of hair treatments that require the use of products with harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage your scalp. Give your scalp a break!

Certain Hairstyles

Your hair is not the only one that can get injured when you go for tight hairstyles such as ponytails, cornrows and braids, but also your scalp. Just imagine how much damage your scalp can be getting each time you go for hairstyles that pull your tresses away from it. Opt for some other hairstyle and both your scalp and hair will thank you.


The occasional scratch is perfectly okay. However, it’s an entirely different thing if you are scratching your scalp like there is no more tomorrow! Consider addressing the reason behind your itchy scalp if you want to keep it from being damaged by your nails — if you break the skin, it’s not unlikely for an infection to strike.

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