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Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Protected from Sun and Bugs

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Our skin is constantly exposed to the environment all year round and if you are one of those who love to spend their time outdoors as much as possible, you will need to consider how you’re going to keep the sun and bugs from doing harm to your skin, especially during the summer. Exposing ourselves to the harsh rays of the sun can speed up the aging process of our skin and leave us at risk from cancer. And when pests and bugs feast on our skin, we become exposed to different skin issues. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can protect your skin from the radiance of the sun as well as the bugs that love our exposed skin and they are all safe to use too. Here are a few that you should try out.


Eating tomatoes is actually good for your skin as the lycopene that it contains can help provide your skin with some amount of protection against sunburn when you spend some time outdoors. You can eat tomatoes as is or in the form of tomato sauce, your choice. Both can deliver that much-needed lycopene in your system which is good for boosting your skin protection.


Protecting your head with a wide brimmed hat can help reduce your skin’s exposure to the sun as the shade that it provides can help a lot. This is important especially during the summer, as the sun’s rays are too strong.


Celery may be good for eating, but did you know that it can help you repel insects? Applying it topically can stop the mosquitos from enjoying your skin too much. A study that was conducted back in 2004 showed that applying celery extract on your skin reduced mosquito bites significantly. So aside from enjoying the nutritional benefits of celery, you can also use it to keep insects and bugs at bay.

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Cover up

During the summer season, plenty of insects and bugs seem to make their presence known, so if you are planning on hiking on grassy terrains, make sure that you cover up properly. This way, any bugs and insects that you pick up along the way won’t have any chance of sticking on your skin where they can irritate your flesh.

Protecting your skin from the harsh sun and the pesky insects is possible without using any chemical products. With these remedies, you will be able to keep your skin healthy even while enjoying the outdoors.

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