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Holding Your Pee Can Cause These Problems

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Did you know that your bladder can actually hold up to 2 cups of urine at a time? But this doesn’t mean that you should wait for it to be filled to full capacity before you head to the bathroom to let it all out.

According to health authorities, it’s a good idea for you to pee the minute that you have the urge. Otherwise, there are many problems that you may end up with if it’s your habit to put off urinating.

But before we tackle each one of them, the question that a lot of people have in their minds may also be in your mind right now: will my bladder explode if I refuse to pee even if I desperately need to?

Well, doctors say that it is in fact a possibility, but that rarely happens. They say that it’s more likely for you to have an accident (read: peeing your pants) than get rushed to the ER for a burst bladder for not peeing.

No matter how suspenseful the movie or how gorgeous your blind date is, refrain from resisting the urge to pee. Doing so can help save you from potentially ending up with one or more of the following:

Pelvic Pain

It’s common knowledge that it’s not unlikely for your lower abdomen to feel painful each time your bladder is packed with urine and you’re not letting it go. But did you know that it can cause pain while peeing, too?

Even after doing a number 1, it’s still very much possible for the pain in the lower part of your belly to linger — you can put the blame on the muscles around the bladder that can remain partially contracted.

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Urinary Incontinence

Earlier, it was mentioned that it’s likelier for your pee to simply trickle out rather that your bladder to burst if you fight off the urge to pee. Well, this is something that may sooner or later happen constantly if you frequently retain your pee.

Such is due to damage incurred by the pelvic floor muscles as a result of having an overstretched bladder all the time. Needless to say, you may have no choice but to wear adult diapers for good.

Inability to Pee

On the other hand, you may find yourself having lots of difficulty with letting your urine out of your bladder if you refuse to pee each time you encounter the urge, even if your bladder is already filled to capacity.

This can happen if the muscles of the bladder are too damaged as to contract and squeeze its urine content out of the body. In severe cases, you may have to rely on a catheter just for you to be able to empty your bladder.

Urinary Tract Infection

Wiping back to front, being obese, suffering from diabetes, using a diaphragm, being prone to a UTI — we all know that these things can increase your risk of ending up with a UTI.

But did you know that you may also end up with it if you regularly refuse to urinate as needed? Doctors say that a UTI associated with holding back your pee is more likely to strike if you tend to have UTI frequently.

Kidney or Bladder Stones

Aside from a UTI, did you already have kidney or bladder stones in the past? Then it’s not a good idea for you to refrain from going to the bathroom even if there’s a strong urge to do so because you may encounter them once again.

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Experts say that your chance of developing kidney or bladder stones is higher especially if your urine contains high amounts of minerals, or you are not fond of keeping your body well-hydrated.

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