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5 Reasons Why You Need More Asparagus in Your Life

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Eating asparagus does make your pee smell a bit but if you look beyond this, you will be surprised that this vegetable actually delivers quite a lot of health benefits to you. Asparagus is found to contain high amounts of vitamin A, B6, C, E, K, iron, folate, calcium, fiber, copper, and a host of other nutrients that can boost your overall health. You can roast, steam, or boil asparagus if you like and add to your pasta or salad dishes for a flavorful meal.

Here are five more reasons why having asparagus in your diet is worth it.

It packs quite a lot of antioxidants. One of the reasons why asparagus is an amazing vegetable is because it is loaded with antioxidants that not only fights off free radicals that are one of the factors that can contribute to cell breakdown but they also act as detoxifying agents to flush out the toxins from the body.

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It makes you lose weight. Asparagus is also high in both soluble and insoluble fiber which can help you in your quest to shed some pounds. Fiber makes you feel satiated for longer periods of time which can also aid in curbing your hunger. What’s more, eating asparagus can reduce your cholesterol levels while boosting your digestion for better bowel movement.

It keeps your mental faculties intact. When we age, our brain cells tend to deteriorate leaving us at high risk from cognitive problems like Alzheimer’s. But the good news is that eating asparagus can prevent this from happening thanks to the presence of folate which works perfectly well with B12 which in turn can protect your brain cells against damage. So keep on eating this veggie as you age to keep your mental faculties sharp.

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It has vitamin E. Like it was mentioned before, asparagus contains plenty of antioxidants and one of them is vitamin E. What this particular antioxidant does is to boost your immune system while protecting your cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. To get the most amount of vitamin E from asparagus, roast them with a little bit of olive oil. The body can absorb vitamin E better when it is combined with fats like olive oil.

It supports your digestion. If your digestive system isn’t working well, you might find eating asparagus to be of help. Scientists have discovered that asparagus contains inulin which is commonly referred to as a prebiotic. This prebiotic doesn’t get broken down during the first stages of digestion but rather upon reaching the large intestine where bacteria feed on it. This in turn improves absorption of nutrients in the body.

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These are just a handful of reasons why eating asparagus should be considered especially when you want to beat back premature aging, mental decline, and poor digestion just to name a few. Eating asparagus can certainly help in boosting your overall health especially as you age.

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