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Best Sources of Iron for Women

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Physically active women should know how important muscle recovery is in their training as it prevents tension and injury when lifting heavy objects. This means that they need to look for sources of vitamins and minerals that can speed up healing and repair. Unfortunately, not all women are getting enough iron in their bodies hence they end up feeling tired, nauseas, and muscle pain. Health experts recommend that women should get up to 18mg of iron per day so if you are wondering how you’re going to increase your iron intake apart from taking supplements, you might want to look at these sources of iron.

  1. Spinach. Eating a cup of cooked spinach means that you are getting 6.43 mg of iron which contains plenty of vitamin A, iron, calcium, and potassium. These vitamins and minerals are essential for strengthening and repairing your muscles.
  2. Liver. Another possible source of heme iron are the organs of livestock specifically their liver. Beef liver contains up to 5mg of iron per slice. You can also opt for pork liver which is leaner compared to beef liver and has even higher amounts of vitamin C and iron. However, you need to eat liver moderately as it can increase your cholesterol levels.
  3. Beef. Aside from eating the liver from cows, their meat can also be a good source of iron. You can get 5.24mg of iron per 3 ounces of beef. Aside from this, beef also contains protein which you need to help repair and strengthen your muscles especially after an intense workout.
  4. Oysters. If you are not a fan of beef or liver for that matter, there are still other sources of iron. Take for example oysters. This seafood is actually packing quite a lot of iron and a small to medium sized shell can give you 3 to 5 mg of iron. Not bad for this seashell. You can also go for squids, clams, and even mussels as they too are loaded with this mineral. If you are not a fan of seashells, go for fish like tuna, haddock, and salmon just to name a few.
  5. Tomatoes. Another source of iron that you can actually grow yourself is tomatoes. A cup of this red vegetable can yield up to 3.39mg of iron not to mention plenty of antioxidants that can give your body the protection it needs against aging. The fun part is that you can have a tomato garden in your backyard as this particular vegetable is easy to grow.
  6. Potatoes. Did you know that potatoes actually contain iron? A small potato contains 2.7mg of iron. Aside from making French fries out of potatoes, you can steam and bake them too. Just add a little olive oil for added health benefits.
  7. Chickpeas. Iron can be found in legumes like chickpeas where you can get up to 5mg per cup. Apart from this, chickpeas are also high in protein which is a plus especially when you are working out. What’s great about chickpeas is that you can add them to pastas or salads for texture. You can even make hummus out of these legumes too if you like.
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These are just a few types of food that are good sources of iron that your body needs to stay healthy and strong. Adding these iron-rich foods to your daily diet will definitely give you the boost you need not just in terms of building up your muscles but also in terms of improving your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and provide protection against iron-deficiency and so much more.

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