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Lessen Damage from Using Heat Styling Tools

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We can obtain perfect curls, bouncy hair, sleek and straight hair with the help of our favorite heat styling tools. Heat styling stools are an amazing invention that helps create different textures and shapes in the hair. For years heat styling tool manufacturers have found ways to lessen heat damage t the hair from their products, but even the best brands of heat styling tools can leave your hair frizzy and fried. They say that the best way is to use these tools in moderation, but for the days that you really need to bring in the heavy machinery for your hair; learn to protect it.

The hair is made out of protein and hydrogen bonds. Curling Irons and straighteners or any heat styling tools create too much heat on the hair, causing it to remove proteins and natural oils in the hair. Without protein and sebum (natural oils) the hydrogen bonds of the hair break down. Imagine your hair as a plastic straw, the straw is filled with sand. The more you use heat on it the sand seeps out. Sooner or later your straw will be empty and hollow, and prone to damage. Now, you need to fill up the content of the straw to make it healthier and stronger.

Hair that has been damaged from frequent use of heat styling tools have an irregular texture and strands that are prone to split ends and breaking. Completely going cold turkey for your heat styling tools is disastrous. We still need these tools to achieve the hairstyles we want, but now we know we have to be careful with our hair.

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Here is what you need to do to lessen heat styling damage.

1. Using Heat Styling Tools On Wet Hair:

The only acceptable heat styling tool you can use on your wet hair is a blow dry. Make sure your hair is completely dry before using curling irons or straighteners. Applying on slightly damp hair can cause irreversible damage and breaking. So say it with me “Never Ever Use Heat Styling Tools On Wet or Damp Hair”.

There are hair straighteners that can be used in wet hair. They are okay from time to time, but imagine placing your hair in a steam press. Not good for the hair.

2. Tool Temperature:

Most tools have a temperature setting, put these settings to use by adjusting to your hairs texture and thickness. Thick and curly hair requires higher heat to achieve the look you want. Setting the temperature higher on curly and thick hair will save the person from repeatedly applying heat on the hair.

People with thin and fine hair should lower their tool temperature. Hair types like this can be easily damaged from heat. Unsure of your hair type? Start from the lower temperature and work your way to higher ones. Whichever temperature your hair curls or straightens properly within 10 seconds is the right one.

3. Protection:

Always use a heat protection spray every time you are planning to use a heat tool. Apply heat protection even when blow drying the hair. Heat Protectants are like a bulletproof vest for hair. They coat the hair shaft and prevent excess sebum and protein loss.

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4. Sectioning:

Section your hair to equal portions before using a heat styling tool. Ironing hair that is either too thick or too thin can cause damage and lines in the hair. Use a section that can properly wrap around a curling barrel equally. This will evenly distribute heat in the hair and prevent it from falling down in the middle of the day.

5. Styling Techniques:

This is a talk to your doctor type of advice, but instead of a doctor talk to your stylist. A stylist knows the latest and best ways to style your hair. Ask them for advice on how you can style your hair without damaging it.

6. Use The Right Tools:

Heat styling tools don’t need to cost you an arm or a leg to work. It just needs to have the right material, setting and requirements. Curling irons, rods, wands or tongs need to have a temperature adjustment. Flat irons and straighteners should have plates that are high quality. Different plates for curling irons have been created to prevent further hair damage. Blow dryers should come with a nozzle attachment, this distributes the air more evenly on the hair and helps styling a lot easier. Pick a salon quality blow dry, these types of drier let out more air and makes hair drying faster and easier. Pick a blow dryer that also has a cool temperature, you can use cool air to dry the hair instead of heat.

7. Let it Set:

Allow your hair to set and cool down before fiddling with it immediately brushing or finger combing hair after heat styling will cause frizziness and messy curls. After applying heat wait for 4 to 5 minutes.

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Use heat styling tools in moderation, use it during special occasions only and never forget to use heat protection.

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