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Best Eyeliner Look for Your Eye Shape

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Eyeliner is one of those makeup products that you should not live without. No matter what your eye shape is, it will still look Amazing. Though, certain techniques and tips can help accentuate your eye shape or create more symmetry. There are different eye shapes and finding the right eyeliner look can make your eyes POP.

When it comes to your eyebrows, we use different angles and shapes to help accentuate the face and eyes. We can also do this with your eyeliner choices. A simple line can make your eyes appear wider and brighter. A thicker line can make your eyes more cat like and seductive. Learning the right technique for your eye shape is crucial to your whole make up look. Eyeliners can make downturned eye appear more awake. It can also fix the symmetry of your eyes. Find the best eyeliner look for your eye shape with these tips below.

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Different Eye Shapes:

• Almond Eyes

Almonds eyes appear symmetrical in shape and is close to the shape of an American football.

• Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes cover up the area close to the lash line when they open their eyes. The eyelids’ hood over the crease area.

• Downturned Eyes

People with downturned eyes appear sad or tired. The corners of their eyes mostly align downward.

• Round Eyes

People that have a circular or rounder eye shapes that makes them appear big and short.

• All Eye Shapes

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the most versatile eye shapes. This is great news for people with this eye shape. They can pretty much try out any eyeliner look and still look great. You can create more emphasis with your eyes by playing up your eye shape. Start by creating a thin line in your inner corner until the end corner of your eyes. You can create a winged tip or stop from the outer corner. Line it again, but start from the outer third of your eyes, thickening the line. You can add more flare to your eyes by continuing to line the lower lash line.

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Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a harder time to create eyeliner looks due to the flap that covers the area near their lash line. Applying an elongated cat eye will make give your eyes more definition and shape, create a more rounded eyeliner shape will make the eyes appear bigger and rounder. Start applying eyeliner about a few millimeters from your tear duct and gradually thicken when you reach the middle of your eyelids. Start thinning out your eyeliner until you reach the end of your outer corner. Create an angled straight line that would be near or beyond your hooded crease. Blend out the cat eye or winged tip with the rest of the eyeliner. This will make the eyes appear longer and bigger than it really is.

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Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes tend to appear droopy or sleepy, we want to make the look brighter and lifted. We can do this by brightening up the inner corners of the eyes with white or light colored shimmery eyeshadow or pencil. It’s important to use winged tip for this eye shape. It will help lift the eyes and cover up the downturned corner. Apply eyeliner on your upper lash line and start to arch upward when you reach the area below your eyebrow arch and go up from there until you are close to your crease. Don’t apply eyeliner on your lower lash line; this will only make you appear sleepy.

Round Eyes

We want to elongate round eyes, apply eyeliner normally. When it comes to the outer corners of your eyes, extend your winged tip in either an angle or straight line. This will make the eyes look longer and creating angles in the eyes. You can also apply eyeliner on the lower and upper lash line and smudging it. This will create a shadow that will make the eyes appear thinner.

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All Eye Shapes

One of the hardest things when it comes to applying eyeliner is making it symmetrical with both eyes. You do this by using the “connect the dots” method. Before completely lining your eyes, place tiny dots in your eyelid or lash line and use it as a guide.
Your eye shape is important when it comes to applying eyeliner. Like, how important it is to know your face shape to contour and highlight properly. There are certain advantages for each eye shape. We need to accentuate what we have and make it appear better. Try out these eyeliner tips and share with us some of yours!

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