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How to Make Your Kids Stay Healthy When They Go Back to School

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School will be in session soon enough which means that your kids will be whisked away by the school bus to their prospective schools to learn new things. But it can also mean having your child exposed to various illnesses which tend to spread easily in classroom settings. For sure, you are worried about how you’re going to protect your children from contracting common illnesses like colds and flu while they are at school. Fortunately, there are a few tips that may help steer you in the right direction.

Helpful Tips to Consider on How to Make Your Kids Healthy at School

Since the new semester is just a few weeks away, it is high time that you consider how you’ll be able to protect your children from getting sick. If you want to give your child some protection when they are in school, you might want to consider these tips.

Reusable water bottles

Children aren’t getting enough water in their system as they are too busy doing something else. Unfortunately, this can put them at risk of dehydration which can weaken their immune system. Instead of having them drink from the school’s water dispenser, or use cups in the cafeteria, why not encourage them to have their own water bottle? This way, they will be reminded to take a sip or two to keep them hydrated.

Hand washing

This is a valuable lesson that needs to be inculcated in your child’s mind right from the start. Washing their hands can reduce the number of germs and bacteria that are transferred from what they were holding to their body. Give them a hand sanitizer or even their own soap which they should use when they go to the bathroom or when they hold something dirty.

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Helping the healthy gut flora in your child’s stomach is one way to help your kids stay healthy when they go back to school. Although there are probiotic pills that they can take to promote a healthy gut flora, why not add probiotics from yogurt instead? Greek yogurt is one option to consider or you can make your own so you will have better control on what goes in your yogurt. By promoting a healthy gut flora, your child’s immune system will be able to function normally and prevent them from getting sick too easily.

Get enough sleep

Kids may have some tough times at school and there will be days when they will be studying well into the night especially when they will have a test coming up. Teach them the importance of getting enough rest especially on school days because they need to be rejuvenated and ready for a new day at school. School kids will need at least 10 hours of sleep to help them feel energized the following day. Getting enough sleep can also contribute to your child’s protection from various diseases.

Wet wipes

Another thing that you can pack in your child’s bag is a pack of wet wipes. This can help them wash their hands or remove dirt from their face without having to go to the bathroom all the time. Look for wet wipes that are made from organic ingredients to prevent drying their skin.

Prepare a good breakfast

One way to ensure that your child will be full of energy when they go to school is to prepare a healthy breakfast. Choose one that will help release energy slowly and continuously so that your child will be alert and responsive in the class. What’s more, having a good breakfast ensures that your child is getting nutrients that can help them stay healthy and strong.

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