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Tips To Strengthen Weak Hair

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Weak Hair can be caused by a variety of reasons from malnutrition to chemical damage. It is often visible and more so when the hair is touched. Even people who are not experts can tell if hair is weak or fragile. As they say “hair is just hair”, and you can cut it any time you want. However, our hair can be a strong indication of how we take care of ourselves and even our health. If you do not plan to chop off all your hair and wait for new hair to grow, you should consider the tips below. And there really is no guarantee if the hair will grow in a healthy state. If you are not sure if you have weak hair, check out the basic self-diagnosis below.


If your hair appears thin, limp, falling out or droopy, there is a strong chance that you have weak hair. Some people experience extreme dryness, excessive oiliness and split ends in some areas, this can also be a sign of weak hair. Weak hair can be caused by genetics, so ask about your family history. Weak hair can also be caused by hormone problems (menopause, recently given birth, some medication, birth control pills), disease, poor diet, fungal infection, stress, chemical damage, sun exposure, heating, pollution, chlorine and certain medical treatment. Losing about 150 hairs a day is the normal amount, anything more can be a sign that your hair is becoming too weak. If you think you have weak hair read on to find some helpful tips.

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Get the Right Product

Weak hair tends to be a lot more fragile and a lot of shampoos and conditioners will not work for it and can further cause damage. There will be products that can dry out the hair more, making it more vulnerable. You will need products that are made for restoring nourishment, moisture and strengthening of the tresses. Using delicate shampoos can help with cleansing without removing too much natural oils. Nourishing conditioners and styling products can help strengthen the hair. Look for products that can infuse amino acids, protein, keratin and moisture to the hair.

Don’t Shampoo Too Much

If you are someone that cannot go a day without shampooing your hair, then this may be one of the biggest culprits as to why your hair is weak. Our scalp produces natural oils that help nourish and strengthen our hair. The more we shampoo it, the more natural oils we remove from the hair and the drier it becomes. If you are prone to oily hair or can’t really stand not cleaning your hair every day, consider investing in some dry shampoo. It will help remove grease and dirt from your hair without causing damage. It can also give your hair that needed texture and volume.

Condition More

So, basically you need to shampoo less and condition more. Conditioners are made to moisturize the hair and reduce dryness. There are certain conditioners that contain repairing qualities and nutrients that can help make the hair stronger. If you have weak hair make sure to always condition your hair when you shampoo and do at least one deep conditioning session a week. Deep conditioners can help penetrate the cuticle of the hair and make the hair stronger. You can enhance your deep conditioning by using a hot towel to wrap your hair with for a deeper penetration.  Protein mask and serums can also help strengthen your hair.

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Reduce Chemical and Heat Use

Bleach, straightening processes, heat tools, hair color and so on can cause the hair to weaken. More so if it is used frequently and one after the other. If you recently colored your hair and is abusing it with heat styling tools, you will notice that within just a few days that your hair will become more fragile and prone to breakage. Any time that you put in any type of harsh chemical or heat to your hair, you are damaging it. Be gentle on your hair and limit these procedures and opt for air drying or heat less styling.

If none of the tips above does anything to your weak hair. If your hair doesn’t grow thicker and stronger within a few months of following these tips, go to your doctor. Your medical professional or dermatologist can help you determine if your weak hair is a symptom of a medical condition and can give you the best option for dealing with it. We all want to have stronger and healthier hair. Leaving the hair alone is not enough to make it stronger and thicker. There are little things you can do to improve your hair health such as improving your diet and exercising.

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