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8 Tips and Tricks for Caring for Your Nails

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We often complain about not having time for ourselves what with our busy schedule at work, running the household and keeping tabs on friends to stay in the loop. But there is simply no excuse for not being able to care for your personal hygiene, especially your nails.

With the amount of work that our hands do every day, you need to tend to your nails from time to time to ensure that they are still healthy and strong. Fortunately, caring for your nails doesn’t have to be that difficult or time consuming even. Here are 8 tips and tricks that you can do to help keep your nails in good condition.

Keep your hands absolutely clean

A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to your nails is to remove all traces of lacquer on it as much as possible before applying a new one. This includes the skin around the nails too. You can use a toothbrush and soap on your nails to help scrub out any traces of lacquer and dirt too so you will have clean nails after. This also works as an exfoliator so the dead skin will be removed as well.

Salt bath works

Brittle nails can occur especially when your nails are constantly exposed to moisture or water. To keep your nails from splitting, give it a salt bath from time to time. Simply add four tablespoons of sea salt to a liter of water and soak your hands in it for 15 minutes. Dry your hands after then apply cuticle softener to prevent your nails from drying out.

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Trim regularly

Long nails can make your fingers elongated but the danger to this is that you might hook your nails on your clothes or any other material. This can be painful when you accidentally rip your nail off as you pull your hands. Experts recommend that you trim your nails every two weeks depending on how fast your nails grow.

Chamomile bath for yellowing nails

Yellow stains on our nails can affect our image but the good news is that you can actually fix this by soaking your nails in chamomile bath. To make this bath, simply add a few teaspoons of chamomile to two cups of water and brew it for a few minutes. Soak your nails in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Combine this treatment with lemon juice rubs to see a huge difference to your nails.

Bring an emery board with you

If you are the type of person who tends to work hard or follows a gym routine that causes your nails to break or become brittle, you will need to bring an emery board with you all the time. This way, you will be able to file away the rough edges so that you won’t snag your nail when you work.

Have more calcium

Another trick to caring for your nails is to get more calcium into your system especially when your nails are constantly splitting or breaking. Getting more calcium-rich foods in your system can help strengthen your nails and teeth too.

Care for your tools

You may think that your cleaning tools for your nails don’t need to be cleaned. But just like the way you care for your makeup brushes, the same attention should be given to your nail cleaning tools too. You will need to wash them in soap and water and then rub them with alcohol after.

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Use cuticle oil

It is also important that you should take care of your cuticles if you want to keep your nails in perfect health. Simply apply cuticle oil on your nails twice a day so that your cuticles will remain healthy all the time.

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